Twilight Movie Trading Cards

by on August 20, 2008
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Due out in November are the Twilight trading cards by Inkworks. The base set will include movie scenes, character cards, and more. There will also be several chase card sets. Chase cards include Always – a nine card puzzle (1:11 packs), Different – a six card set (1:17 packs), In Pursuit – a three card set (1:24 packs), and Protector – one card and only comes in a sealed shipping case. The Twilight movie trading cards come 6 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, and 10 boxes per case. Inkworks guarantees at least one complete base set per box.

Inkworks has also come up with some extra treats. The Always puzzle card set is available as an uncut sheet that is limited to 99 sequentially numbered sheets. They also have the Twilight Collector Album that you can use to store you set of trading cards.

New: Inkworks has added bonus cards that you can collect. There are now Pieceworks cards with pieces of the outfits worn in the movie and autographed cards from the cast.


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  1. jasper luver says:

    i luv the twilight guys!!!!!!!!! jasper edward james emmett carlisle

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