“Twilight” baseball scene included in the most ridiculous movie moments of 2008

by on January 2, 2009
in Movie

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Yahoo! movies has compiled a list of the most ridiculous movie moments of 2008. The baseball scene from “Twilight” was included in the list. You can see the entire list here. You should read this article it is quite accurate and very amusing. “Twilight’s” page is here.


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  1. mary says:

    yeah, i didnt get it either…edward’s suppose to be the fastest and yet when the bad vamps came he could run Bella out of there..confusing!!
    anyways edward is still the awsomeest..lol

  2. mary says:

    i meant he could have ran her out of there..

  3. Kelly says:

    I don’t think Edward could’ve ran her out of there. Carlisle said it was too late for them to run plus James would”ve caught her sent anyway. Like Rosalie said, she could smell her from across the field. It’s just part of the story……a way to bring the bad guys in.

    Anyway, the baseball scene was one of my favorites.

  4. Anjel says:

    Yea I Agreee With Kelly!

  5. ciara says:

    i actually liked the baseball scene just cos it was over the top

  6. Beth says:

    edward couldnt run her out of there. the smell of bellas smell would’ve taking them right to her. and if you read the book the hunter and edward had the same weaknesses and strong points so he couldve ran the same as edward =-)

  7. Eslile says:

    I have to say that Edward is not one of my favourite charecters, but mabye if he tried to get Bella out of there, becouse he loved her so much, he could have succseeded… But that was deffenotly one of my favourite scenes! I’ve seen the movie three times alredy!!!

  8. Michelle says:

    I think the Baseball Scene was amazing.Even though it was over the top.But, when they like “run away” that’s not what happens.Because Emmett and Alice go with Edward in the Jeep.But, I still like the Baseball Scene.&& they couldn’t have ran away.

  9. cassy cullen says:

    In the book Carlisle said it was to late for Edward to run and by the time the nomads got there they could follow Edwards and Bellas scent right to her house or in town and endanger all the town people.

  10. Team Jacob!! says:

    whatever its my favorite scene of the movie

  11. Jamy says:

    yeah, i didnt get it either…edward’s suppose to be the fastest and yet when the bad vamps came he could run Bella out of there..confusing!!
    anyways edward is still the awsomeest..lol

  12. Alvin Eric says:

    edward is the fastest but JAMES could track bella’s scent so its useless,.the book is much better!

  13. Beth says:

    people read the book its not tht hard dumbiz!! oh yeh people who agreed with me thank you and ur really smart!!

  14. Alexandra says:

    I actually really loved that scene, it was one of my favorites (:
    I don’t know why they think its ‘ridiculous’…

  15. Belle says:

    It was not over the top and everything in the book can not be in the movie. Don’t prend you are married to any of the cullens it is kinda lame and i am not pretending that my name is belle it really is.

  16. Anna says:

    I luv Twilight soooooo much i hav seen it 4 goin on 5 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anna says:

    also i agree wit Belle that is lame

  18. Belle says:

    Thanks Anna

  19. Belle says:

    and also eslile don’t do that

  20. Anna says:

    right belle

  21. Anna says:

    also that is weird that we are on here at the same time

  22. Belle says:

    good thing i called and told you i was getting on

  23. Belle says:

    both times

  24. Anna says:

    o rite i forgot bout that

  25. Belle says:

    i think you are stupid mary i agree with kelly

  26. Anna says:

    u need to shut up beth

  27. Anna says:

    jammy u are stupid beth mary all of the peps names i hav on here are stupid

  28. Anna says:

    eslile no 1 cares how many times u hav seen the movie no 1cares how many times i hav seen the movie

  29. Belle says:

    be nice anna

  30. Rosalie says:

    I agree with anna and belle. But anna be nicer. My name is really Rosalie and me and rosalie have a lot in common except for being mean

  31. Melissa says:

    I thought the baseball scene was hot, course that is anything with Edward in it!

  32. Taylor says:

    OMG this was one of my favorite parts in the whole movie i think that it was a great addition to the movie!!! and it showed the vamps fun side!! but of course i think that Jacob is the hottest sorry Edward fans!!

  33. kjashf says:

    i really dont find edward hot… AT ALL!

  34. Linda says:

    Do anyone know which teams the Cullens represent with thier caps? I’m sure the caps ans jerseys are from different teams, i just can’t see which?

    Can anybody help me:)

    • John Bartlett says:

      The team caps are all Negro League caps. The ones I remember are Homestead Grays, Indianapolis Clowns, and the Kansas City Monarchs. There are a couple others, but I don’t remember which ones.

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