Book review: Prom Nights from Hell

by on February 14, 2009
in Books, Stephenie Meyer

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So I just finished reading this book called “Prom Nights from Hell”. It includes short stories by popular authors Meg Cabot, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Lauren Myracle and Stephenie Meyer. Stephenie’s story is called “Hell on Earth”.

All the stories center around the one night all high school girls dream of: Prom.

The stories include vampires, demons, angels and even the grim reaper makes an appearance.

Each of these paranormal stories are entertaining and any fan of these authors or genre will be pleased.

I really liked the book so I thought I would share.

Check out the book at Amazon.


9 Responses
  1. morgan says:

    I love Meg Cabot and I read TTYL by Lauren Myracle in 3 hours and obviously I love Stephenie Meyer.

    btw got a website! I added a link to this site at the bottom above ‘all rights reserved’ the link is called “awesome twilight news”

  2. Jamey says:

    Checked out your page and Twilight graphics. Looks like your off to a good start.

  3. denise says:

    i’m looking for a book to read, this looks interesting 😀

    mahalo for sharing 😀

  4. caroline says:

    this book looks interesting

  5. Lola says:

    I have read a Meg Cabot book, as well and enjoyed it. I obviously love Stephenie Meyer’s work.


  6. bellaaaaaa says:

    i love meg cabot and stephenie meyer so this should be a GREAT book!!!! this book looks really good!


  7. Lauren says:

    Meg Cabot has great books, I enjoyed them. This book looks interesting. 😉

  8. belle says:

    oh this book sounds really intresting, i should read it

  9. lillian says:

    im looking for the book that is called “PROM” by today

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