Baltimore Sun article on Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer

by on February 17, 2009
in Stephenie Meyer

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The Baltimore Sun has an article talking about how the “Twilight” fans have reacted to the statements Stephen King made about Stephenie Meyer in a recent interview. Read the article here.


23 Responses
  1. bellaaaaaa says:

    i dont care if they say that we are preposterous about what stephen king wrote, he deserves it!!!! i mean no one says that kind of stuff to like the best author in the world and gets away with it!!! hes just SUPER jealous that stephenie meyer is getting tons of attention and hes not getting that much!! he just needs to realize that people can love other peoples work other than his!!!!


  2. Danielle says:

    i agree with bella and i think that stephen king is just jealous. all these people that i doubt have even read the books are saying all this nasty stuff about the twilight saga. after seeing the movie and then reading the book again i can actually picture the rest of the saga. it is amazing and cant wait until new moon.

  3. ali says:

    i agree with you both! he’s just jealous that he’s not so poplular! but i totally think he was a jerk for saying stephenie meyer can’t write! it’s like, did you see how much money she’s made off of her books? i will never ever read a stephen king book know! well, i’m probably not missing out on anything anyways!

  4. Steph says:

    I think he’s just jealous of all of Stephenie Meyers success. I can’t believe he would rag on how stephenie meyer can’t write worth a darn i bet he can’t write worth a darn that’s what i think!

  5. Ashley says:

    I defintiley agree with Bellaaa but i also think that he just can’t SEE OR READ I SHOULS SAY a good book/arthur if it slapped him on the face!!!!

  6. Ashley says:

    The worst part of Stephinei KIng is that i’ve never herd of him till now, and he thinks he’s all that!!!! GOD THE WHOLE WORLD COULD LIVE WITH OUT HIS BOOKS AND WE WOUULD BE BETTER OFF!!!!

  7. L says:

    I think anyone who hasn’t heard of Stephen King must live under a rock. I really, really doubt the most successful popular fiction writer of all time is jealous. He’s not jealous of J.K. Rowling, who’s sold way more books than Stephenie. I love Twilight, really. But from a technical view, her writing is not really fabulous (her *storytelling* is quite good, and he doesn’t say otherwise).

  8. morgan says:

    I really dont care if he says bad things about Twilight. I mean the guy has a right to his own opinion. he should be able to voice that opinion w/out people freaking out.

  9. Lola says:

    WOW!! You guys write really long comments!!

    Mine will be short and sweet!

    I love Stephenie Meyer!!


  10. denise says:

    no author has ever have a right to insult another author!!

    Stephenie Meyer for a beginner author was awesome. I’m not saying this because I’m a twilight fan. I’m saying it because it’s my opinion, I never read any of Stephen king’s book, I’ve heard people say he writes good stories. but it doesn’t mean he been writing for years and being praise by his books, that he can insult another author. Stephenie Meyer did a great job writing Twilight Saga, In my 16 years of my life, I’ve never encountered such a great book that will make me stay up very, very late at night and wake up 4 something in the morning to read it, bring it to school to read in my free time, and get in trouble because I should be doing my chores.

    hopefully before Stephen King insulted Stephenie Meyer, that he read the books first…

    Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga story is well detailed that when your reading it, you feel like you in the story too, witnessing whatever was happening to Bella, Edward and others.

    If you guys say that Stephenie Meyer’s writing is not that good, then how or what is a good writing??

  11. Ags says:

    I think Stephen King is entitled to his own opinion, we all are. and all of you guys are kinda being hypocritical right now with the whole ‘he has no right to say she’s a bad writer’ and then say ‘well he’s just jealous because she’s better’. So you’re basically doing the same.
    I also agree that if you have never heard of stephen king, you need to get out more, I live under a rock myself quite a bit, yet I know who he is.

    I love both authors. Stephanie’s Twilight series are very imaginative and i like her idea of not following everyone else’s idea of a vampire and making up her own vampire features instead of the traditional turning into bats and burning in the sunlight.
    I think that Stephen King’s books are really good if you like the thrilling, clever and scarier type of book.
    Myself, I have a varied taste of everything, so I love them both, although others have a different opinion, I don’t necessarily agree with it but I’m not going to be a hypocrite and insult his works.

  12. belle says:

    I do think that maybe Stephen king was just jealous of Stephenie Meyer, but you know what, i just think that he should have just kept his opinions to himself, especially something like this.

  13. Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    I’ve never read any of stephen king’s books, and I don’t know if there good or not, or if he’s just jelous of stephenie meyer. He still shouldn’t have the right to say that kind of thing about another author… Earlier I read another version of this and that’s not exactly what he said. This is just a clean version of it.

  14. Dana says:

    It makes me wonder why he all of a sudden decided to start bashing these authors. To me, it’s a bit tacky. He’s a great author and so is the others he mentioned. Stephenie Meyer is great. James Patterson is one of my favorite authors also. Do you see either of them bashing him or any others??

  15. little miss alice says:

    i think stephen got what he deserved you shouldnt insult one of the best authur on earth and no expect ppl to get mad about it!!!! i totally agree with bella!!!!!!!!!!

  16. EJ says:

    Why waste your time concerned with what opinions other people have? You could be reading any of the 4 books and falling even more in love with them like me. You guys are taking his words to much to heart. Do they really matter to us Twilighters? I think not. I’m still crazy in love with Edward! :[

  17. Mrs. Emmett Cullen says:

    I couldn’t believe Stephen King said that about Stephenie Meyer. He says she’s a horrible writer, yet all of her books are bestsellers. Oh yeah, that makes A LOT of sense. I am in love with her books, and she is an amazing writer. Completely obsessed with the series =]
    ~Forever a Twilight Fan~

  18. Marie says:

    The possibility of Stephen King even being remotely jealous of Stephenie Meyer is utterly insane and ridiculous. The man has been writing since the late sixties and pretty much all of his books have been bestsellers. Why in the world should he be jealous? There’s no plausible reason. At all. Also, it amuses me that half of you guys have not even HEARD of King until now and yet you think you have the authority to slander him just because he challenged Meyer and voiced HIS OPINION on what he thought of them. Wow. Butthurt much? XDDD

  19. Jason Williams says:

    Yes, by all means, don’t try to understand the man’s criticism. Just identify him as someone who doesn’t share your devotion and make sure to be as cretinously abusive as possible.

    It doesn’t make you look insecure AT ALL.

  20. Jane says:

    He’s not jealous.
    He’s worked for over 30 years, has TEN TIMES more best-sellers then Smeyer, has sold over 350 million copies worldwide, has won a slew of awards.
    You people are so full of yourselves…
    Stephenie Meyer IS a horrible writer.

  21. Claire says:

    The King has spoken. *applause*

  22. Wackd says:

    “He says she’s a horrible writer, yet all of her books are bestsellers. Oh yeah, that makes A LOT of sense.”

    You know what? EPIC MOVIE is one of the worst films ever created. It was written haphazardly, consists entirely of random popular characters doing gross things, and SPENT FIVE WEEKS AFTER ITS RELEASE ON THE TOP FIVE MOVIES IN THE BOX OFFICE. Quality does not equal success. Only success equals success.

    If you want to take that route, though…Stephan King has been writing for thirty years, has a good ten or fifteen more bestsellers than Meyers, has sold over 350 million copies worldwide, has won a good deal of awards, and is widely praised as one of the best speculative fiction authors of our time. I guess that makes him better than Meyers.

  23. Jules says:

    For those of you calling her “the best author on earth,” how many books have you read? Do you live under a rock? I guarantee none of you have ever laid your hands on a good book before AND have been able to comprehend any of it. This is disgusting. I am appalled at the people that i am forced to say are “my generation.”

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