Twilight Soundtrack Deluxe Edition

by on March 19, 2009
in Music, Stephenie Meyer

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Stephenie Meyer’s site has been updated with information on the “Twilight” soundtrack Deluxe edition.


7 Responses
  1. bellaaaaaa says:

    I just have the regular soundtrack but I’m so getting this when it comes out!!


  2. Lau says:

    im soo buying that when it comes out !!!

    :[ lau :[

  3. Brandi says:

    I am so going to get this as soon as I can can’t wait !

  4. Katia Greece says:

    I love decode, muse and of course robert’s voice is amazing!!!!!!And the woman named alex patsavas must be Greek!!!!Decode is one of the best songs of 2009..

  5. denise says:

    i know i love decode too 🙂

    ill buy the dvd first 🙂 2 more days 🙂


  6. belle says:

    Ohhhh cool, soo getting this, like denise DVD first

  7. skyler says:

    i love robert’s voice it is like i can relate with him!!!

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