Twilight related articles at My Park Magazine

Click on the links below to read some short Twilight related articles at My Park Magazine.

Stephenie Meyer reveals Twilight secrets

Robert Pattinson asks the questions

Robert Pattinson’s wizard love

Robert Pattinson makes Ashley Greene smile

Robert Pattinson’s messy pad

Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen regret

Robert Pattinson’s voice vote

Robert Pattinson loves New Moon

Robert Pattinson’s big change


9 Responses
  1. denise says:

    sorry, i didnt comments on at least each one.

    but wow, so interesting, i enjoy reading them 🙂

    good thing it’s spring break, i could read all of these without being rush 🙂


  2. bellaaaaaa says:

    Your so lucky denise! I have spring break in like 2 weeks!! The articles were informative though!


  3. denise says:


    you guys spring break didnt start yet?

  4. bellaaaaaa says:

    No we start I think the week before Easter. But then we go back the day after Easter! It’s really retarted!! My school is messed up!! 🙂


  5. denise says:

    ohh i see.

    we get back after easter too. so you guys only have one week break then.

  6. Lau says:


    my school is like bellas
    love the articals

  7. denise says:

    ohh i thought that that all school in U.S. has kinda similar school calendar…so i thought everyone has the same spring. christmas, fall break. guess not.

  8. ali says:

    how could rob want to be a wizard over a vampire? New Moon is my least favorite, because Edward leaves so I still don’t get why Rob would like it the best! My school’s like Bellaaa’s~

  9. Lauren says:

    Yeah me too, same as belaaaaaa and Lau. I haven’t started spring break yet, either.

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