Win Bella’s Jacket

by on April 8, 2009
in Contests

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Luxaholics is giving away a jacket like the one Bella wore in “Twilight”. Go here to enter the contest.


33 Responses
  1. ChloeCullen says:

    i like that jacket!
    😀 x

  2. Bella4eva says:

    I agree but if u look closley the 1 they’re giving away looks darker then the 1 shes wearing in the pic.:-1

  3. Tuma Cullun says:

    I still wish i could win it thought it is slightly lighter than the original

  4. bellaaaaaa says:

    That jacket looks nothing like the one in the movie! O well.


  5. well to me i think the jacket is awsome i would love to win it

  6. Katia Greece says:

    oh,…i want edward ‘s jacket!!!!

  7. darisleidy says:

    oh , omg if i got that jacket i will never let it go never ever not even for $9,000,000,000

  8. Lau says:

    that jacket dosent look like the one ahes wearing!!!!!!

    :[ lau :[

  9. edward&bella4eva says:

    omg if i was to wear that i would never let it go i wouldn’t let anyone touch it and would worship it everyday i know it’s not the original but omg it’s so alike i would love to win it so much! i love all the clothes that are shown in twilight and that jacket is one of my favourite but i would so prefer to be in edward’s jacket!

  10. Brittany says:

    AWHH! 🙁 I really wanted this!!
    Good luck to everyone!

  11. Haley says:

    OMG, I want to win i preyed and preyed and preyed i never win i hope i get this chance for once God i hope

  12. LOrenda says:


  13. jojo says:

    LOrenda ,

    I HAVe try to be nice but STOP coming on here its offending poeple including me and its VERY rude so please stop coming on here

  14. Bella4eva says:

    I agree with jojo LOrenda

  15. Bella4eva says:

    Ps. I REEEEEEALLY want that jacket but if it were Edwards I would NEVER take it off not even 2 wash it! 🙂 🙂

  16. Brittney_Cullen says:

    Lol, that’s a little gross but I might do the same, I can’t even enter so good luck to everyone else!

  17. jojo says:

    Thanks Bella4eva for agreeing with me

  18. Alli says:

    i agree with Jojo!! JOJO ROCKS!! WHOOHOO!!

  19. Alli says:

    i agree with Jojo!! JOJO ROCKS!!

  20. the cullens are da bom says:

    guys its just a jacket and yes i want that jacket but i think whoever was in the twilight cast rox my sox give a shout out 2 edward cullen and bella swan and jacob black and everyone else who was in it

  21. Brittany says:

    😀 I would love this jacket, even though it obviously isn’t the exact same, it looks cool.

  22. Alysia says:

    I would like that jacket, it is super cool

  23. Alysia says:

    That jacket is super cool

  24. jaki says:

    i love that jacket!!! it is so cool

  25. jaki says:

    i love that jacket!!! it is so cool and i really really want it please

  26. jaki says:

    well to me i think the jacket is awsome i would love to win it plese let me win it

  27. jaki says:

    and i agree with jojo



  29. kristen says:

    i am sorry but it you don t like the jacket but you like it because it is just bella that you love sorry!

  30. biggest fane in the world i dont care who think they are cuz i am says:

    look people it is just a jacket i am the number one fan but come on this is just stupied its noe the real one sooo why would you want it at all come on get a life…..and if you need/want a jacket go get one for youself!

  31. biggest fane in the world i dont care who think they are cuz i am says:

    p.s OLERNDO YOU GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  32. BELLA+EDWARD 4eva numba 1 fan!!! says:

    yo LORENDA,

    WE dont care what you think and you dont care what we think so shuteup bout the jacket!!!!!!!o and GET DA **** OFF DIS PAGE *****!!!!!!!!!!

  33. ecullenlove says:

    I have the jacket. You can find it at . It does look darker than the one in the film, but otherwise it’s identical – for real! Maybe it looks likghter in the film because of the tints they used.
    It’s a really sweet jacket. It has a thick fuzzy body lining with satiny sleeve linings. The BB Dakota tag is super cute with a bow!

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