Edward & Bella Twilight Barbie Dolls

by on April 22, 2009
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Edward and Bella Twilight Barbie Dolls are coming to a store near you. That’s right, even Barbie thinks Edward is hot. Not many details are available yet, but they are slated for a November release and available from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.


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  1. bella bursey says:

    come on barbie is cool i am ten and my nabor is 15 she thinks that im a twilight freak and i am so this is awesome

  2. Anomenous says:

    Whats so wrong about them!?? All of you need to chill!!! Twilight is not just for teenagers you know!!!!! My little sister who is ten loves twilight. She just finished reading the twilight book!! My mother read all of them in the first week she read twilight!!!! My grandma finished all of them!! My grandma read nw moon last week. and finished that day!! She watched the movie and loved it!! She’s 74!!!!! If I were you, i would just be quiet. It’s not just for teenagers. Got it!!? Gosh all of you make such big deals over noithing!! Are you serious!!! I’m so sure the blonde dolls would be edward and bella. It’s not okay??????? Gosh. Chill

  3. yasmin .I says:

    you have got to be really weard if you think that you would want this THING!!




  4. jenny says:

    sta xvr la foto de edwar y bella que !es una peli lo maximo !,pero no gusta cuando lo ponen con la barbie y el ken .pero la fotome encanta.!!!

  5. Jewelgirl16 says:

    is this some kind of joke?
    now its barbies?
    are you joking me.


  6. Rose Phelps says:

    Bella looks like the barbie, but Edward doesn’t look a bit like that!!!

  7. Chill out!!!!!
    Its a doll doesnt matter!!!! I dont like the dolls either but you dont see me acting like a 5 year old!!!!! Chill out!!! Gosh you guys must have some kind of issue over this thing like really bad. Chill out and be the age you are supposed to be. If you dont like the doll, you dont like the doll. It doesnt make it right to have a huge tantrum over it. Maybe some people like the dolls, its not your decision to make them ‘so un cool’ just because your a tween and a teenager and you think twilight is only for you.

    • i know. i mean the book is for young or old, but i don’t recommend children under ten or so to read the last book, or some parts of new moon. you know?

      • rose says:

        i know same im with you people under ten shouldnt see Breaking dawnm or maybe not even eclipse either. (: i dont know why people are making such big deals like its just a doll. if you dont like it, then you dont like it. (:

      • Rosye says:

        I’m 9, you idiot. And yes, I read all the book! OMG! I love to reed!

  8. Edyn says:

    So, I wasn’t okay with the figurines cuz they were nasty and hrd and no one wants them cos they look frankly dumb, but Barbies you can change the outfits, actually like having the dolls with the more emotion and the softness about them. Yeah, I’m gonna buy em. 🙂

  9. Rhonda says:

    These appear to be collector dolls, not for the 5 and 6 year olds. All of you objecting to the dolls, I’m a mother of 2 and I collect Barbie dolls. Not the ones you purchase at Target or Walmart or Kmart. If the dolls looked a little bit more like the characters, then I’d purchase them for my collection.. Whomever told you that had to be 5 or 6 to have Barbie dolls, was clearly mistaking.

  10. fullmoon says:

    LOL!!! This is so crazy. You can really buy them on amazon!
    I also thought first this is a joke!
    My friend just turned 18 and she’s a really twilight fan and she got an edward barbie!! I was laughing so hard.
    I think Edwards face colour looks kinda random…

  11. lil says:

    ok i hate the movie. lurv the book. so i guess barbie isnt a bd idea. its bttr than that doogger loosebertson.

  12. kbella says:

    Yep, it is true and the stores are offering cut rate prices on them now so they don’t sell out before….Thanksgiving, never mind Christmas.

  13. Hayley Baxter says:

    Hi, I just want to let everyone knoe that these are collector dolls they are not necessarily meant for children to play with. A lot of adultsa dn teens love tocollect dolls from thier favorite movies, characters, or historical figures. You can check out Barbie Collector website. The reason the dolls do not look exactly like the people from the movie is because they are based on the book descriptions. The clothing is based on the movie. Also the clothing from the movie is not accurate with the book description so all of you trying to be upset about things being accurate should notice that 🙂 If you don’t like them making Barbies of an extremely popular series, don’t worry about it. I don’t see anyone getting upset over the hideously ugly action figures?

  14. i think its kinda cool because they are so detailed . and by the way they are not ugly.i love twilight and edward trust me i will stand up for my twilight .so i wont say [anything].

  15. twilight ubsested says:

    OMG!! I AM 13 and i want!! the twilight dolls but they all cost (not edward or bella just like emmentt or jasper) cost $180 dollars!! OK!? idk why i want them but i do and if u think big people cant play w/ barbies well, not play but own them then ur nothing like Bella and should shut the HELL up!!! k? and just to let u know i am the HEAD OF THE TWILIGHT FAN CLUB!! LOL! =)

  16. Miranda Reed says:

    I think if ur to old to play with the Twiligt barbie Dolls then just keep them in there boxes and play with them if u want. If I get the Twilight Dolls then they are going to be kept in my Room on a shelf so when I get older I can pass them down on to my kids and down to there kids!!!!!!!! And I am Proud to be a TWILIGHT SAGA FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Twihard Girl says:

    I got the dolls 2 weeks ago and i’m 12 so i recommend them for all twilight fans not just teens.
    The edward doll has glitter in his skin and sparkles just like the real edward! They both rock and i got them pretty cheap at toys r us for each doll the were $25.

  18. mario0oma says:


    ilove you adwared

    plllllllllllllz give me your fone numder

    or if somw one will give me

  19. Diana says:

    I think these dolls are really neat. I got them for my daughter for Christmas as she has been a big twilight fan since the books first released, and she collects Barbies. And for all of you that are getting the set…here’s an update, Toys R Us is offering advanced purchase of the Jacob doll, due to release in February. I just reserved mine 🙂

  20. Barbie says:

    I think everyone should give Barbie a break,what i heard is not true,the truth why people hate barbie is because it seems someone is copying them,with the same copy from barbie doll boxes,they make a barbie that mattel wont make,also meaning more scandals for barbie,i think barbie will stay alie but we need to get rid of theese copiers,like have you even seen the tattoted barbie? thats evidence that mattel got copied by another company useing their title to make barbie go bye-bye like bratz which copied barbie,bratz,moxie girls and more try to copy barbie but i think they make barbie inmature but no one should blame barbie shes not the only one that shows private parts.

  21. dafool says:

    ok this kinda makes sense now,i searched it up and it seems tatooded barbie and stuff have been copied which is illegal,i think bratz are teasing barbie makeing some barbies that are not right,my tummy is hurting i cannot talk abot barbie now and i hink you spelled alive wrong 😀

  22. carla alicia campos garcia says:

    I love edward

  23. aureta says:

    barbit jeni mat mirat kukullat per mu

  24. brenda yahel says:

    hola solo quiero decir que los muñecos de accion son geneales de hecho ya compre la pareja me encantan las peliculas amo a robert y edward soy fan numero 1 tambien me gusta escribir

  25. lalala says:


  26. Nikki says:

    WHO CARES,i love twilight, hello , barbies are cool ,im 15, kk, they are great collectables, Bring on anything twilight, its edward k, yay, i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s , who dsn’t like twilight ??????????

  27. erika says:

    hola tu pelicula me gusto y estas un poco guapo bueno pero mi amiga y mi mm te aman ami me guta mas el ombre lobo q es taylor me encanta esta guapisimobueno tu tambien estas guapisimo yo quisiera sercomo se llama hay no me acuerdo pero los dos estan guapisimo lo quero mucho y dile a taylor q yo soy su atmidadora y q lo amo

  28. Andrew says:

    barbie is for anyone intended for ages 6 and up. as far as i know every girl in the world has either read or saw the twilght movies. its better than transformers! stop complaining about this when your sons could be watching brutal violence, take it, and use it with their friends. at least girls aren’t like that and its just a book so yeah. take it easy.

  29. kimberly says:

    bella and edward was team lover and that love never ends in a life time

  30. Joxanne says:

    Haha…HAHAHAHAH OH MY GOD THIS IS HILARIOUS. Hilariousness aside, this is ridiculous! I saw the Jacob doll today at Walmart while going in the toy’s section with my little sister and I just laughed at it. However my little sister seemed to be more interested in the other toys rather than the doll, thankfully.

  31. I would prefer it if those who have submitted would not use like,omg or totally as much in there submittings.

  32. Kaylegal says:

    These are way better than regular barbie dolls

  33. simran says:

    i wish my love is like thier lovestory..please pray for me to be success to get the love.

  34. SheilaBirling124 says:

    You guys are sad…
    I love twilight but the movies suck and robert and kristen CANNOT ACT TO SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!! I say:
    DIE ROBERT DIE… and take the barbie dolls with you

  35. SheilaBirling124 says:

    You guys are sad…
    I am a huge, no super freak twilight fan but to be honest… the movies suck. Not only this but Robert and Kristen CANNOT ACT TO SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!!!
    So i say:
    DIE ROBERT DIE!… and take the barbies with you!

  36. Georgiaswift14 says:

    The Twilight is the greatest film and i am so in love with Roderd !!!!!!!!!!!!
    When i saw the first film i thought that is so amazing because when you are in love you do anything for her/him and in this case it the most beautiful thing i have ever see!!!!!! With love Georgia and Theodora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. camila says:

    edoward eu te amo e pra sempre vo te ama

  38. isadora says:

    olha aqui sheilabirling124 morre você porque da proxima ves que vc dizer isso ou escrever em alguma coiza vc vai ver o que vai aqontecer com vc e é melhor vc ñ dizer nada de mau sobre ele porque o que acontece com ele ñ é da sua conta e vc ñ é nada dele!!!!!!!CUIDADO COM O QUE VC DIZ!!!!!!!o edward é a minha vida e se ele morre eu também morro então que quizer matar ele vai ter que passar por mim e enquanto a vc sua sapatão é melho ñ dizer nada com ele por que se ñ vc vai ver!!!muito cuidado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!e vc edward xauxau baby eu te amo!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. sara says:

    I’m from Iran ilove edward & bella & twilight

  40. twinkle says:

    i luv edward cullens and bella swan. i just luv ur chemistry in twilight all series u guys r my favt.. i luv u guys so much. and i feel gr8 to write about u…….

  41. ladii plantado says:

    i hope i will see edward and kristen pattinson here in philippines……….no 1 fan in philippines.:))hahaha.

  42. shaily says:

    hey edward….i lv to c u again in next part of vampire sucks………
    lv u boy…………

  43. raghav says:

    excited to c your next part of movie………

  44. ghazal says:

    I love it…..

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