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by on May 13, 2009
in Books, Stephenie Meyer

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Stephenie Meyer has won Author of the Year for “Breaking Dawn” at the Children’s Choice Book Awards.

She also won Teen Choice Book of the Year for “Breaking Dawn”.

Go to their official website to see all the winners.


16 Responses
  1. Lauren says:

    Well Congratulations to Stephanie!!! 🙂

  2. she deserves the awards she’s such an awesome writter. CONGRATS STEPHENIE 🙂 🙂

  3. Sandy says:

    Congrats Stephanie!!! 🙂
    now release MIDNIGHT SUN damn it !!!

  4. di says:

    congrats stephanie, although you already know it, you are a great author and I have to say from someone who is not a teen or even in my 20’s, I do not see your books as teen material. You write beautifully for all ages.
    di in south Fl.

  5. kenni t says:


  6. bellaaaaaa says:

    Well duh! She’s is the best author ALIVE!!


  7. denise says:

    she deserves it 😉

    best author!

  8. sadie says:

    omg!!!!!! i love twilight i read all 4 books. you need to right more books. i hate to read but i love your books and it is something i will read

  9. belle says:

    Oh she really does deserve it,
    Congrats Stephenie

  10. CULLENLOVER says:

    Stephenie you are an awsome writer!! You deserve these awards.
    Now, if it’s not to much to ask, will you please release MIDNIGHT SUN. I would really appreciate it, as would the other twihards in the world, who simply cant get enough Edward and Bella. Thank you.

  11. *Vampire Girl* says:


    Gargantuan Congrats to you!!!!!! 😀

    I’m really really happy for her!!!!!

    U really deserve those awards!!!!!

    and I agree with CULLENLOVER

  12. sarah says:

    I agree, give us Midnight Sun!!!!!!!

  13. sarah says:

    MIDNIGHT SUN!! MIDNIGHT SUN!!! Please, please.

  14. Slinkiee says:

    Congratulations Stephenie, awesome achievement!

    Completing Midnight Sun would be the perfect addition to your Twilight saga. The fact that so many fans have already read the first 264 pages is a testament to the fact that the book will definitely sell. Twilight fans want and need to know Edward’s view of the story so please if you can possibly find time in your schedule to finish it, we would all be there to buy it as soon as it hits the stores.

    Team Stephenie!!!!

  15. Michelle C - Canada says:

    A huge Congratulations Stephenie on your wonderful accomplishment.

  16. Debbie M says:

    You have been blessed with a wonderful talent, and it is great that you have recognized for this. Keep on writing. Remember your fans love your writing and we will be reading your books over and over again. With that said, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE, finish Midnight Sun.

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