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by on May 19, 2009
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The poster for New Moon is out. It features Edward, Jacob, and Bella. It’s just a teaser poster and it is nice but I thought some of the fan made posters were better. I do think it is better than Twilight’s one sheet though.

For those who were asking in the comments this is the official New Moon One Sheet poster released by Summit.

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  1. Jayde Cullen says:


  2. Diane says:

    i read in the newspaper “El Nuevo Dia”
    that the first Pics of New Moon in May 31 at the Mtv Awards kristen, Taylor and edward are going o presente it!!! awesome

  3. Molly says:

    This is SEXAY

  4. Molly says:

    LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV IT (in an opera kind of voice)

  5. atosa says:

    i like it…. however 1 thing how come jacob has long hair in twilight and then suddenly has short hair here on the poster? however i still prefer some fan made posters better

  6. LocaLady says:

    yeah i really like better then the fan made ones becasue it is a new picture, all the fanmade ones hade basically the same picture of either character.
    and it is also great because it gets people excited for the new moon movie.

  7. MRs. Eward Cullen says:

    I love it… the fan made were nice too but however this gives us a new edward,jacob and bella. I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  8. jamea says:

    taylor look so good ,hot great sexy,and robert look so much better and has a great big juicy ass .this is from nekeya not jmea just using her email

  9. CleverClogsx09 says:

    OMG!!! peeps in england by heat magazine it has baby pics of rob in a poster of kellan lutz and info on taylor. Rob is a cute baby

  10. alexandra says:

    BAD AZZ POSTER?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. alexandra says:

    bad ass poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. faby says:

    wow…nice….but my edward seemz too lonely =*(

  13. safa says:

    edward sooo SUCK !! i think they have to put TAYLOR WITH IZATIS !!!

  14. this picture is so cute because it is Bella Edward and Jacob and so cute really bad and he is so SEXY!

  15. faby says:


  16. makala says:

    i dont like the part where edward is like front and center and is covering up jacob. jacob is the main point of the book. i know bella is doing what she is doing for edward but i dont think it represents the plot of the book. it is really pretty though

  17. ericka says:

    why doesnt jacob have long hair its a movie poster right

  18. Caitlyn Cullen/Black says:

    OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!! As soon as it comes out, I’ll be at the store!!!!

  19. thats a cool poster. the fanmade ones are just as good though.

  20. AshleighManoso says:

    God, doesn’t Jacob look proud? And it looks as though Edwards is/about to cry! And as for Bella, she just seems to be there! But I really like this. Can’t wait to put THIS on one the door!
    I agree, though, the fan-made ones are great. good job, peoples!

  21. brenda says:

    its hot and edward looks sexy!!! but jacob the poster

  22. Julie Young says:

    I love this New Moon movie poster! I love the whole Twilight Saga. I can’t wait for more!

  23. victoria says:

    I LOVE THIS TEASER!!!!!!!!!!

  24. leti says:

    wait a sec. this is not right. Bella should be in between the two. better yet, take Jacob out. Hell, just leave Edward in it by himself. Then it will be a sexy poster.Go Team Edward!

  25. OMG Twilight! says:

    I LOVE this poster. But leti is right. Team Edward all the way

  26. rosabella says:

    man is taylor buff, he is so hooot up in the poster, i have its on my myspace profile, and im team jacob hell to da ya

  27. kenni t says:

    i freakin’ love it

  28. Muzicgrl22 says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. little miss cullen says:

    OMG only 186 days to go till New Moon premieres i cant wait.
    Love Twilight
    Love Rob
    Love Kellan
    Love Jackson
    i have a TwiShrine* on my wall by my bed as well
    Cant wait till november 20th xx

    *Twilight Shrine

  30. And so the lion fell in love with the lamb says:

    I think that they should put this picture as the cinema poster and d.v.d cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. .jackrose. says:

    ,yeah this is cool,
    and awesome.
    but i gotta admitt fan posters were cool too.

  32. bite a vamp says:

    i love this pic jacob and edward are really hot!but i think jacob is really yummy!hehehehehe!

  33. Rosalie13 says:

    This poster is really very beautiful. And Jacob is very beautiful with short hair but not as much as Robert Pattinson lol. And I’m glad they put Edward in the foreground.

  34. Joanna says:

    Great! But Edward is look like… hmm… I don’t know… Different? 🙂
    But I love him still 😛

  35. Sunni Dae says:

    OMG, this release just makes it even harder to wait until November! Jacob/Taylor looks awesome! Ahh…. the torture!

  36. Prathi says:

    This is so awesome!!! I can’t wait till it gets out!!!!:D Twilight forever and ever and ever and ever<3

  37. Angie says:

    I love it, I think it looks great!

  38. EmmettLOVER!!! says:

    It looks awesome!!!!:) i CANT wait til’ it comes out im sooo exited

  39. mrs.nessie black says:

    wow,that is sorta good,but some of the fan ones were better.jacob/taylor is hawt.
    team jacob!<3

  40. Marija says:

    its cool but some of the fan made ones are so awsome how do they make that seriously. great job summit and a better job fans

  41. mrs. cullen says:

    i love this poster.
    it could have been better though.
    i thought the fan made ones were more creative.
    but this one is still awesome 🙂
    i can’t wait for the movie!!

  42. future MRS.CLEARWATER says:

    I LUV DAT POSTER!!!!!!!!

  43. ollie_greektwilighter says:

    it’s ok..i mean it could be better..and i hope they’ll make a better one=/
    the real thing i didn’t like’s that Jacob seems much more hot than Edward..and that sucks because i’m team EDWARD all the way!=p
    the good thing is that they didn’t put in it neither the voltury nor the werewolves so there is a lot of tension and mystery!=]

  44. emmets future second wife says:

    i think its great but it could be so much better, so it realy shouldnt be the offical poster, but it is so to late lol. jacob looks to close and protective of bella it makes it look like edward did something wrong, i dont like it. i think that maybe if bella was looking at edward it would be better cause you would get the love triangle better (well it isnt exactly a love triangle seeing that edward and jacob hate eachother but u get the drift). i cant wait seriously. all my friends got over twilight ages ago , but i cant go a day with out talking about it. lol.

  45. emmets future second wife says:

    also i would like to point out that jaocob looks older! which is a good thing! i didnt think they would pull it off!

  46. Jessica & Edward says:

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!! SOooooooooooooooooooo excited for the movie

  47. M3L Black says:

    I like alot of the fan made posters better but I like this one too. Bella looks too made up though. I would love to see Jacob shirtless too lol

  48. christina henderson says:

    i will love it can’t wait in uilt the movie cames out i love the 2 peole the dous ply in this movie EDWARD & BALLA and :-D……


  50. GorGiNa!!!-Twilight's Fan!!! says:

    hmmm….. i think it’s nice but they can do a better poster with Bella in the middle not behind Jake!!!! because Jake isn’t her boyfriend…right????? Edward is her boyfriend…and in the poster they must be together-near near-!!!!ofcourse all we know that in New Moon Edward go away with his family to protect Bella and then Jake come to her and he’ll be her best friend…but do not forget that Edward almost died when he heard that Bella was died…and here we understand how much he loves her!!!!so edward and Bella must be together again and in this poster!!!! 😉 🙂 kisses!!!!(k)

  51. alayna says:

    i love’s perfect for new moon.some people dont like it but i love it. cant wait till new moon comes out in theaters in november=)

  52. Team Jacob-Team Edward says:

    I love that serie and I don’t know if I’m team jacob or team Edward because I love these two boys. Well bibi and kisess…………………………

  53. i love this poster pic. all of the characters look so great i luv jacob and edward but jacob definitly by far looks hooootttttt in this pic and bella looks great in this pic very mysterious and haunting perfect for this book. i mean edward leaves her punching (not literally) a hole in her heart and there she is with a great sad face and i luv how jacob is giving edward that look that says “back off my girl” it is just the most beautiful poster i hav ever seen

  54. Nancy says:

    Jacob is too short he’s supposed to be the same height as Edward by the end of Twilight and then just keeps getting taller.
    Other than that I love this especially with the old sepia look it’s great
    Oh and is it just me or is Robert Pattinson looking older in this already ?

  55. Amanda says:

    This poster of New Moon put me off. I know New Moon is about telling the wolf part of the story but it still has to do with the love of
    Edward and Bella. I think that Bella should have been holding onto Edwards shoulder other than Jacobs. Because throught the story she is clinging herself to him. And then Jacob should have been in the background.

  56. eve says:

    i love this move is so good and i love Edward he is so hot

  57. eve says:

    he is so cute and hot some people say it sick they dont there talking bout

    this move is rel good i know i seen over 20 time i went to meet him so bad

    here is my emil rose.sky92@yahoo plzzz send me a autlgraph i love him so much i am

    big fan

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