Stephenie Meyer Thanks Fans and Congratulates Cast

by on June 1, 2009
in Stephenie Meyer

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Stephenie Meyer updated her site today with this little not:

Thank you, everybody who voted at the MTV Movie Awards! It was awesome to see Twilight get so much love. Congratulations to Catherine and Rob and Kristen and all of the cast and everyone at Summit and everybody on the crew! You all did an amazing job and you deserve your popcorn!

Twilight fans are the best!


P.S. You got to see a little taste of New Moon tonight, but I promise you this: when it comes to New Moon, you haven’t seen anything yet! Can November please come faster?


15 Responses
  1. LEXI says:

    YAY!! FIRST!! I KNOW STEPHENIE!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. LEXI says:

    not know, know stephenie FYI.. i meant it as “I know how you feel stephenie” i just realized what theat sounded like lol

    i wish i knew stephenie!!

  3. Jan says:

    hell NO!!.. we should be the one thanking you (stephenie) for giving us twilight series.. we love your work. and yea Congratulations to the twilight cast. they were awesome…

    ilove twilight series and all the cast!!!!!!

  4. j.c. says:

    First i would like to thank you Stephenie for making the Twilight Saga…. without it there would be no Edward,Bella or JAcob or the Cullens for that matter. THe cast well deserved the awards and I got to see the trailer that same night it was awsome, i too can say we have not seened anything yet.. so can we bring on New Moon already LOL i know we’ll have to wait till then i’ll play the trailer over & over and read the books over & over… Again Congrats to the cast and to those who voted for the movie……

  5. Krissssstin. says:

    P.S. You got to see a little taste of New Moon tonight, but I promise you this: when it comes to New Moon, you haven’t seen anything yet! Can November please come faster?

    I AGREE^^^^^


    you rock!!!

  6. Alice Cullen Freak says:

    Stehpine thank you so much for creating the Twilight Saga! We all enjoy it especially me!
    It is the best series that i have read in my whole life so far. So thans again for creating the series. Please………………………………….

  7. ladidie says:

    Thanks to Stephanie and all the Twilight gang. New Moon Trailer was great, I cannot wait for the movie—WOW
    Have read the books over and over. Please know, these stories are not just for the teens. I am not a teen, tween or young person but still love the stories and the movie. You have provided this older lady with a wonderful trip.

  8. denise says:

    congrats to all the cast! they deserve all to win! πŸ˜‰
    also thank you verrrrrry much S. Meyer for having that dream & creating the best books i’ve ever read… far there isn’t any book that i read that can top the twilight saga!!!!

    i cant wait until november 20, 2009, im sure new moon would be the best romantic movie of 2009.

    yes, “Can November please come faster?” cause im getting impatient πŸ™‚

  9. Alice Cullen UK says:

    Without Stephanie there would be no Twilight saga, too bad Steph wasnt up there to receive the Best Movie award. The big question now is, when will Midnight Sun be published, it’s too good to sit on the shelf Steph, us Edward fans want to know Edward inside and out!
    Love you Steph. Keep writing…More Edward and Bella pleaseeeeeeeeee.

  10. Renesmee_bella_alice_cullen says:

    yah i agree hahaha/…. cause i’m so excited gosh… hi Stephenie Meyer.. you’re awesome hahaha thanks for the twilight saga and please november where are you? hahaha… and you know you can continue the story for renesmee and jake haha but well it’s up to you.. thanks again.

  11. TwIlIgHtEr234 says:

    I wish it would move faster to Stephanie. I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. So yeah New Moon will be sad and it will also rock.

  12. Amanda says:

    Since we love your book so much and u guys r so famous can you finish Midnight Sun!! please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  13. Kelly says:

    I would like to offer Stephenie and all the cast my sincerest appreciation of all their work in making this the best series of books and movie that I’ve gotten to enjoy in my short 38 yrs of life πŸ™‚ I hope that some day Stephenie will continue this series either by finishing Edwards version of the events or by picking up where Renesme and Jacobs life begins. Congrads again!

  14. Future_Mrs_Cullen says:

    just to say that i have to do a presentation in english to persuade people and i’m doing why your birthday should be an international bank holiday. it sounds really bad and cheesy no i’m actually writing this message but still… also we love you sosososososo much so PLEASE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN! I CAN’T WAIT TILL NOVEMBER FOR MY NEXT CULLEN FIX

  15. Future_Mrs_Cullen says:

    also can you change everything that says bella and edward to helen and edward, cos i think it would be a much better pairing…

    hehehehehehehehe i love twilight so much and i think edward is WOW

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