Stephenie makes the list of Forbe’s Most Powerful Celebrities of 2009

by on June 4, 2009
in Stephenie Meyer

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Stephenie Meyer made Forbes most powerful celebrities list of 2009. She was ranked #26.

Here is what Forbes had to say about her:

“Thanks to the success of Meyer’s Twilight series, 2008 became the year of the vampire. The low-profile author sold 29 million books last year, releasing two new novels (Breaking Dawn and The Host) and selling hoards of paperbacks of what have become instant classics (Twilight, Eclipse and New Moon). Last November, gothy fans camped out to catch the first film based on the series; Twilight grossed $70 million opening weekend. A partial rough draft of the fifth Twilight book leaked online last August; Meyer published the full draft on her Web site and announced the book wouldn’t be published.”

Go here to see the entire list.


12 Responses
  1. bellaaaaaa says:

    She is absoulty breath-taking in that shot!!


  2. Krissssstin. says:

    ^^ i agree with bellaaaaaa
    And congrats to Steph 🙂

  3. RC & Moonpies says:

    I think it’s really crappy that Stephanie isn’t going to finish “midnight sun” and get it published. I would have really liked that and so would alot of other people I’m sure.

  4. belle says:

    I agree she looks very pretty in the picture

  5. Rachael says:

    True that it would definately be awesome to have midnight sun published but i can see stephanies point of veiw too, once your inspiration and love for the story has been thwarted it is very hard to get back into the right frame of mind.(huge fan)

  6. Lauren says:

    Yay! Good for her. 🙂

  7. GOOD FOR HER!!!

    MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. kristi says:

    Oh,oh,oh please steph please write Midnight Sun…. We the fans really do need it… I will send prays for you and for you to be inspried!!

  9. I hope sssooo bad that Stephenie does make ‘Midnight Sun’ cuz I read part of it and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! I love the twilight saga!!!

  10. Mery says:

    I truly hope that she does finish ‘Midnight Sun’ just because there was so much going on Edwards side of the story then it was on Bella’s so please find it in your heart to finish the book

  11. taylor hazzard says:

    stephenie you look very beautiful

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