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by on June 8, 2009
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New Moon Movie by ~AnimeChick4DDR on deviantART

Hey guys thanks for tuning in! New posts for today continue on to page two so don’t miss anything! Found the above picture on Deviant Art by AnimeChick4DDR and Loved it so I thought I would share. It’s Bella in the meadow.

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15 Responses
  1. omg thatz so nice i wonder ho made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ya well i cant really find the question mark cuz im in a library so ya………… yay first one to rite a message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MRS. MALFOY luv u

  2. Eryn says:

    I think this is meant to be Bella in the meadow just before Laurent finds her.

  3. Leandra says:

    you’re right its the meadow my bad i fixed it

  4. mykaela says:

    wow thats cool.

  5. jt says:

    Is this from an Anime? Why is it sub-titled and have Div-X in the corner? This looks like a still from an Anime DVD rip.

  6. Glowy says:

    i agreed with jt it looks like a still from an Anime DVD

  7. Di says:

    It makes me want to cry already!!!! cant wait to see New Moon!!! I just know i’m gonna sob when he leaves her in the meadow and when Jacob disappears!!!! *tear*

  8. kenni t says:


  9. vanessa says:

    its what i imagined her like in the book

  10. LEXI says:

    its perfect. you can see her trying to smother
    the tear in her heart. gasping in her pain.

  11. twilighters says:

    realy cool pic:) i love it!– i realy do!<3

  12. twilight freak says:

    wow its not bad actually

  13. Krissssstin. says:

    I’d like for the Meadow in the movie to not be “DEAD” buttt.. I do understand the ‘theory’ of it.. You know since Edward isn’t there– The Meadow isn’t the same and its “dead”..
    But its sooooooooooo purddyyy 🙁
    hahah, I’ll stop now.

  14. yah me to i understand it without edward by bella’s side it was lyk ur in a party but ur dress is not appropriate to that party. ‘ur lyk out of place.’ i mean there’s no one beside u hu can understand u…… Wen i read the buk i was lyk oh come on edward u cant leave bella she cant get over you……it will take a lyf tym so bella can 4get u….

  15. really kl cant wait 4 new moon 😀 but it is so gonna be sad at the first not the end like eveything else :'(

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