Robert Pattinson with love from Brazil – Part 1 and Part 2

by on June 10, 2009
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Brazilians fans love Robert Pattinson so much they have written poems and songs for him. My Park Magazine has posted a bunch of these. You can check out Part 1 article here and Part 2 article here to read them all.

Here are a couple of them:

Perpetual Moonlight by Eliza Dmbrosio Agertt

I’m lost
Lost in love
For their sharp teeth
I will deliver
In new moon
I will find
Arrest me if it is able
But never let me escape
My blood beats in my veins
The bitter sweet death I desire
But not in darkness
But on passion
A passion so crazy
I prefer sleeping in his arms dying
The dead sleep on life
Oh my sweet vampire
Come kiss me
I feel your breath clean and fresh
And the honey in your mouth
The flow through my lips
Play in his icy body
I’m delirious
As I turn its victim
A vampire in love I sigh
Be where you are
My body freezes for you
A battle within me
Enslaves my heart
In light of the moonlight
Do not stand his absence
Come get me
I put the neck
Come rock me
Make me a child
Under the full moon
Their kisses sweetened
Prove my
You want me
Do not let me so
Fill the void that is in me.
Bite my neck
Burn my body
Lightens my heart
And let me dream.

Loving Robert by Fernanda Garcia Paron

An angel named Robert fell into my life
The first angel wearing a costume of sorcerer
My heart came into despair what happened to me?
I was 11 years old and I was in love?
This same angel was gone for a bit from cinema screens,
But in my house you came every day, because I just watched your film.

After four years in the cinema with my friends I am.
That angel appears once again in my life.
Now he wearing the costume of a Vampire,
He was 22 years old with an angelic face.
My heart hinders in despair again.
I was 15 years and knew I was in love.

It doesn’t matter you are Edward Cullen or Cedric Diggory,
Robert Pattinson it is for you I cry I love you.
Robert Pattinson it is for you I cry.


9 Responses
  1. bellaaaaaa says:

    Wow. Those are actually pretty good!



    there are some obsessed fans out there that want robert so bad!dang!
    i really did like both of the poems thought!!
    *im a twilight fan not an…*

  3. mykaela says:

    wow those are good. that just shows twilight actually is a phenomonon!

  4. Krissssstin. says:


  5. denise says:

    wow pretty good 😉

  6. jessica says:

    those poems were really good
    i liked the first one!!
    i am a TWILIGHT fan but i am also a EDWARD and JACOB lover?
    they are the HOTTEST vampire and werewolve i have ever seen!!!!!!!?


  8. Newest Miss Cullen says:

    WOW NICE!!!! Like I said so dreamy!!!!

  9. pauu says:

    wow i really think this poems are amazing i wish i could write like that some day… great job:)

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