Twilight Themed Birthday Party

by on June 13, 2009
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One of our readers, Tommie, sent pictures of a Twilight themed birthday party she threw for her 11-year-old step daughter.


32 Responses
  1. kenni t says:

    twilight themed parties are catching on quickly!

  2. ka_te_lyn says:

    Aww I love this party. Its so pretty. Love the tables

  3. kirenia says:

    love the golden onions XD




  5. ka_te_lyn says:

    thank you Kirenia…i had no idea what those gold things were. thats really cool. Good eye

  6. denise says:

    wow those are nice ;D

  7. mariane says:

    what are those sodas name?

    great party!

    i just notice that kids are loving to have a twilight bday bash….

    and their parents give all their best efforts..
    great job!

  8. Krissssstin. says:

    pretty awesome!!

  9. bellaaaaaa says:

    That’s awesome!


  10. sammi launter says:

    OMG! tht is frigen amazingg !! <3 i want to do that for my B day

  11. shelymae says:

    OMG..that is cool!! your so lucke little human…

  12. rob luver says:

    that is such an awesome set up for a party. wish i was invited

  13. Destiny says:

    That’s so awesome! I definitely want a Twilight/ New Moon themed party this year!

  14. CullenFan says:

    My Daughters birthday is coming up in Aug. I am def. going to borrow the ideas, LOVE the golden onions!!!!! Only thing missing is the lion and lamb! I just went out and bought a Lion and Lamb webkinz to use for the table, any one want to guess what their names are gonna be???

  15. ***TwiLeah*** says:

    oh this is the best twilight themed party yet i agree with that!its amazing!i mean every twilight themed party is good on their own way but…i like this one the most

  16. jaylapooh says:

    Ok whoever or whatever designed this birthday party needs to do my b-day next.
    Rock on twilight!!!!!!!!!

  17. andrea cullen says:

    wow nice birthday party theme i want to ahve a twilight and newmoon theme too on my b day….

    great party..

    belated happy birthday to you..

  18. mykaela says:

    @ CullenFan, webkinz are an awesome idea… and i love those decorations. come to my house for my birthday!!!! lol

  19. chelsea says:

    Wow This was really creative! It tops all of the bday parties so far!

  20. d!3 h@rd j!@cob f@n says:

    wait till u see ma party it will bbbbbbbbbbbb soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. d!3 h@rd j!@cob f@n says:

    lol jk jk jk

  22. TheSwedishVampire says:

    WOW it was amazing! Where did they get the chess-set? And this was absoloutley the best Twithemed party pictures! <33
    Happy Bday btw!

  23. Barbara says:

    love it
    great job hope you had a great day

  24. beatriz - sem essa frescura de ahhh '' fan de edward cullen e outris...'' says:

    muito bom mesmo ela foi bem criativa para fazer esta festa , a minha era de crepusculo sendo que eu mudei porcalsa do dia é em pleno são joão qual é ? mais a minha festa vai ser melhor , mais parabens mesmo ficou lindo !!!!

  25. Jacob-luvr says:

    beatriz – sem essa frescura de ahhh ” fan de edward cullen e outris…”
    Please translate. I can’t understand it.

    Awesome! That is so rockin’! Only thing that could make that cooler, is if the cast was invited and showed up! ^-^ But then I’d be all, ^o^—>^0*—>*)(* (gasping too much!)

  26. Penny says:

    this is a great idea I am having a twilight party for my 14 yr old any ideas for a cake ?

  27. Biia T. L. says:

    AAAA!!! manoo, tiive um troçooo!!!
    I LOVE this idea!!!
    PS.: translation:
    beatriz – without the freshness of ahhh “fan of Edward Cullen and others …”

  28. Biia T. L. says:

    very good she was very creative to make this party, I was dusk and I moved porcalsa the day in the St. John is it? more to my party will be better, parabens that was beautiful!!

    No, I’m sorry! but, would be nice if it was the chocolate covered strawberry!

  29. jasper luver says:

    that is so cute my b-day party is going to look like that


    I LOVE THIS PARTY i need help everybody i am having a twilight party for my 14th birthday party and me and my mom are looking for ideas i already have some but i need more anyways i love this party i already had the idea of the tables and pictures

  31. twihard says:

    cute mine iz awesome

  32. Beall Cullen says:

    OMG that help me out so bad i’m turing 13 and well woaaaaaaaaaaa thanks nice style

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