Twilight Barbie Bella and Edward

by on June 22, 2009
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Check out the pics of the Bella and Edward Barbie Dolls. These Twilight Barbie dolls are available for pre-order from Amazon and Entertainment Earth. You can get Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, or a whole case. The case includes 2 Edward and 1 Bella for those who can’t get enough of their favorite sparkling vampire. Learn more about them here.


37 Responses
  1. These look sooo much better than the other dolls. I haven’t liked Barbies since I was like 6, but these are MUCH better than the others. They actuallly look like Rob and Kristen/Edward and Bella.

  2. Jamey says:

    They are quite a bit cheaper than the Tonner dolls too.

  3. luna7996 says:

    I really like Bells doll but to be honest the Edward doll doesnt make Rob any justice. Thats my opinion of course….^_^

  4. wow.thats kinda cool in a wierd way.ha.

  5. Darcy says:


  6. Hannah says:

    Bella looks OK but I don’t think they did a good job with Edward. He just looks creepy not hot.

  7. Odile says:

    they did way better this time even though edward is a little off

  8. Jennifer? says:

    thats way to far… and they are creepy… I never liked barbie

  9. Ash says:

    okay no offence but now the twilight fiasco is just becoming an obsession that needs to stop.

  10. Rhia says:

    MY GOD.

    This needs to stop.

  11. constanza says:

    bella looks good but edward looks kinda gay.. looks like a cross-dresser.. n bella is 2 skinny.. she looks kinda like katie holmes actually..

  12. mykaela says:

    haha. i hate barbies, but since im a die-hard twilighter, i will buy them…

    OH NO! remember all those twilight-lovin lil’ girls with the twilight parties? they are gonna start buyin the barbies

  13. Britney says:

    ummm no. this is not all right. i am defiently a twihard but i hate this. how many teens r guna buy barbies even twilight ones

  14. Bella says:

    I think they look like Kin and Barbie gone bad….Instead of of the love Edward and Bella.

  15. ~EdwardCullenLuvR~ says:

    thwy did better thaan i thought they would….

  16. ~EdwardCullenLuvR~ says:

    but i am perfectly fine with my tonner doll

  17. wheres the jacob black doll?

  18. Bella4eva says:

    I agree w/ Ash and JacobsGirl104…..but anyways… EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyone who ACTUALLY BUYS these are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to obsessed w/ Twilight. I understand board games and even the music box but BARBIES???????? GET REAL!

  19. Lily says:

    I think the Tonner dolls look much better.

  20. Britney says:

    omg, they make edward look like MJ after his skin color change

  21. i would so buy theese… twilight ROCKS!!!

  22. miss bea says:

    I think that for anyone who is a Barbie collector, or a collector of lovers, or a fan of the Twilight movies themslelves would enjoy these dolls; As a collector myself, I would have liked to see them boxed as a set’ like the other sets of lovers that mattel created for Barbie, perhaps they are being sold single; because they are going to add the other characters as well???????

  23. Stella says:

    I’d like to see a Jacob Doll too, but Jacob is Native American and we all know how Barbie loves to ideolize white beauty.

  24. not a fan says:

    actually, i find that the Edward doll is a good likeness, while Bella looks LIKE EVERY OTHER BARBIE DOLL!

  25. Rebecca_J says:

    What not a fan says…it looks like they made an effort to make the male doll look like Robert Pattinson, or, at least, NOT like Ken; but the female doll just looks like “Barbie” to me, albeit with brown hair and Bella-esque garb.

  26. Aym-bear says:

    Oh, God. I just threw up in my mouth.

  27. mrs robinson says:

    ok but edward looks like terry bozzio

  28. Nike says:

    HAHAHA! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the 21st Century’s model f#5$-up couple- now almost as freaky, brainless and plastic as their literature counterparts!

  29. Alcirce Requime says:

    I’ve been waiting for them!!!! Finally… mattel makes em! I can’t afford the Tonner ones & have been hoping for these. My prayers answered!

  30. Twilight Hater says:

    What are vampires? Pure evil sex? (Bram Stoker) They are the undead, suck blood, love satan……shall I go on? lets buy these for our children! This is not right.

  31. Bella Swan says:

    “Twilight Hater,” how are vampires evil? Perhaps in other stories/book plots they are bad, but in Twilight, they are good. In fact, these vampires don’t even kill humans! For example, this is much better than every child’s favorite ‘Hannah Montana,’ the girl who barely even covers herself up! How everyone can deem things like that as okay but hold a grudge upon something as innocent as Twilight is beyond me.

  32. Jacob B says:

    Bella looks like every other Barbie on the planet.

    Edward looks like Robert Pattinson and Ken’s demon love child.

  33. fairy says:

    omg this need to stop

  34. Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    I just got the dolls yesterday and they are so cool (the edward one SPARKLES for real)

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