Bella’s Birthday Party Dress

by on July 11, 2009
in Cast & Characters, New Moon Movie

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So did you like Bella’s birthday party dress from New Moon?

Do you want one?

Well unfortunately you won’t be finding it on rack at any mall near you.

An article at Entertainment Weekly states that New Moon costume designer Tish Monaghan custom-made Bella’s one-of-a-kind dress.

This is what Tish had to say about the dress:

“”It was supposed to be a gift from Alice, so I wanted something pretty that Alice would buy, but also something vintage [looking] that would be appropriate for Bella. We dressed it down with sneakers to keep the Bella flavor.”


47 Responses
  1. Amanda Langford says:

    i love the dress and i think Tish Monaghan did a beautiful job on it,it was so beautiful and also something Alice would buy and also with the sneakers 4 bella,it was done prefect ^_^

  2. klutzy says:

    that isss a pretty dress, anyway…thats one thing i love about bella, is that she always wears sneakers with her dresses!!!:]

  3. brandi says:

    that is such a very pretty dress I also love the fact that bella wears sneakers with her dresses.

  4. maddie says:

    i llove the dress and i really like that they made kristen wear sneakers with it because bella wears sneakers with her dresses.

  5. vanessa says:

    i like the color and sneakers is so her style .

  6. ~EdwardCullenLuvR~ says:

    thats a pretty dress 😀

  7. yipee says:

    That is cute! She looks reallly pretty!

  8. Kristin24 says:

    I don’t understand why people, girls in particular, wear sneakers with EVERYTHING? Seriously, it doesn’t look good. It looks silly. Even if it is Bella’s style, or anyone else’s, its just a horrible look.
    Bella is supposed to be dressing a little more girly in this film/book. Oh well :-/

  9. Vampy says:

    That dress is pretty hot. I’d love to have one like it and don’t even like most the dresses I see and am 95% not likely to were a dress on any given day exept for speshel ocations.

  10. WEREWOLF GIRL says:

    pretty but aw its ripped:(

  11. kelly says:

    I think the dress is pretty and I love the sneakers. I thought she looked great at the mtv movie awards with her sneakers and dress!!

  12. mykaela says:

    i love that dress. it is one of a kind, just like bella.

  13. ysatis :] says:

    i lovee the dress :] but i think the sneakers HAVE to GOOOOO * but it doesnt look bad i quess. whatever i really like the dress 😀

  14. constanza says:

    i agree with u Kristin24, sneakers do look bad on some outfits.. but they also look good on ohters.. its cool to wear a some dresses with sneakers, but not wear them with everything.. cuz some dresses just dont look good with sneakers, for example, the dress kristen wore at the mtv movie awards was gorgeous.. but she kinda ruined it with the sneakers.. but i read it was bcuz she recently sprained her ankle, so ur forgiven kristen.. lol..
    but im not sayin no to the sneaker/dress look, i think its pretty cool..

  15. aliceann says:

    i like the dress, its rly pretty, and something that alice would probably buy for bella but, i agree, the sneakers, with everything, not so good. Like in the prom scene in twilight she wore a converse sneaker with her dress??in the book it was a matching blue,high,stilleto heel, secured by a ribbon tied around her ankle. i mean i know they cant exactly replicate it, but at least a high heel a bit similar, u know?. but i do love the dress. too bad its ripped…:(. lol 🙂

  16. aliceann says:

    i agree with kelly though, i think kristen looked good at the mtv awards, i think she pulled off the outfit pretty well. : )

  17. luna7996 says:

    I dont picture Bella with sneakers and a dress much less with Alice there to stop her.Alice would have made her wear heels and catch her if she fell. lol. I think the whole adding the sneakers with the dress was to give it the Kristen Steward flavor not Bella Swan. 2 different people.

    On the other hand Kristen can totally pull off the sneakers look.Not like me. I am not happy until I get some high heels or some very cute flats.

  18. ysatis :] says:

    i totally aqree w| “luna 7996” alice owuld of deff made her wear some heels & catch her fall & yeah it was too add a little Kristen, not Bella. qood point ;D

  19. maria says:

    i love the dress

  20. Apple says:

    The dress is pretty, I love it. 🙂 And I think it`s not so bad to see her or maybe anyone wear sneakers with a dress on. It`s still a cute outfit, even with the sneakers in it. But anyway, for me it is pretty.

  21. jess says:

    i lov the dress! and lov it even mor wiv the sneakers! so cute!

  22. bine says:

    i loooooooooooooooove the dress
    it matches perfectly hith the shoes!!!!!!!!!!
    i wan’na have one gest like it.
    it’s a promiss

  23. Great Choice Of Dress :]

  24. WEREWOLF GIRL says:

    pretty but aw its ripped

  25. the dress is absolutely perfect and the color of the dress is amazing. all that said i agree with kristen24. i don’t even like it when people wear sneakers with jeans so you know i hate the sneakers with the dress. the only exception to the rule is demi lovato because she always matches extremely well.

  26. fangchick says:

    i think the sneakers are fine for bella. i mean, if it were me i’d probably wear sneakers too. im not a fan of heels at all. i would trip and fall so i guess it might make bella feel uncomfortable to ware heels too(even if alice did try to catch her). and the dress is pretty but i liked the blue one she wore in twilight much better.

  27. :D says:

    the dress and the sneakers are very good 🙂
    I love that style

  28. Emmett girl says:

    haha she cut her arm and it’s covered in blood. HAHA

  29. megan(: says:

    i like her dress but not that much and i have a dress thats almost just like this its not just like this but its pretty close

  30. fernanda says:

    that is a nice dress and i love the form that bella used to wear her dresses she do it very nice and pretty.

  31. fernanda says:

    and i love when she wear sneakers whit her beautiful dresses

  32. i love that dress!!!!
    i want it!!!=)

  33. alice says:

    i love the dress and of course her converse make it even more unique

  34. Jack says:

    LOve the dress and twilight! it rocks!


  35. Twilight Addict :) AKA. Lyndsey. says:

    that is veryy pretty.
    haha. (:
    too bad we cant get it.
    hahaha i think the sneakers are amazing:)
    and cute. but on bella? hmmm.. i dont really picture bella wearing them.
    Ohhh well. MYY opinion 🙂

  36. Stephanie loves Twilight says:

    vintage, i think, is the best style. and it fits bella perfectly, i also think it’s great that she kept the sneaker for bella’s personality it’s very thoughtful of her. 🙂

  37. jos@y says:


  38. GorGiNa!!!-Twilight's Fan!!! says:

    I agree with 8 -Kristin 24-!
    This a very good dress!!!
    it doesn’t look nice with sneakers! :/
    does she ever try to wear hills in the movie/book?? i guess no! Bella i’m a fan of you but i think you must look more like woman-not a girl anymore!- you are finally 18!!!(in the movie/book!)

  39. BUGGIE says:

    i lovvve her dress soooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. alice says:

    all you twilight fans if you go on hot topic. com they have thiss dress for 98 it sooo cute they have everthing new mooney

  41. Tiferet says:

    What do you mean you can’t find this dress at the mall? I bought it at Torrid and wore it to a party last night!

  42. VPixie says:

    You can find it at Hot Topic. I have it and LOVE it! I get so many compliments on it! Its a great holiday dress.

  43. Kristin82 says:

    I have this dress too! I got it at hot topic on sale non-the-less for $48.

  44. Bella'sSisterHA says:

    I have this dress. It’s really nice, I’m going to be wearing it on my birthday on monday. My boyfriend is a twihard, and we found a meadow where i live, theres a tree right in the middle, we are going there for my birthday, then in the evening i’m going to his house and we are having a party in that theme, well not the massive bleeding of the arm part. HAHA hope not 🙂 I’m not exactly excited about my birthday ( see how i relate myself to bella ) But he’s the best thing i can get from my birthday, he’s my Edward and im his Bella. 🙂

  45. Monica says:

    The dress is really amazing. I bought it and fits perfectly. Just a simple way to feel like Bella…but I will absolutely NEVER wear it with sneakers.
    If worn with this kind of shoes it appears ridiculous…….Bella hasn’t sense of look and doesn’t look for elegance…but se isn’t silly I hope!!!!

  46. neba says:

    this is an ugly, cheap dress. im upset that they are selling this and not hermione’s dress from the yule ball. that was beautiful

  47. yo mama says:

    yeah i like her dress too :3 its pretty and the color is beauiful. but yeah she killed it with the shoes… i love bella but she can be such man sometimes! PEOPLE!!!! dresses just dont go with sneakers!!! It was her birthday she could have at least worn flats!!! what a boob… BUT I STILL LOVE HER!!!!

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