Quileute Days

by on July 13, 2009
in Cast & Characters

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On July 17-19th the Quileute Celebration Days will take place in LaPush, Washington. If you go to their official website you can get the schedule of events and all the information and details on the event. Twilight star Solomon Trimble will be attending.

I would love to go to this event. If anyone is attending let us know!!


4 Responses
  1. Brittany says:

    😮 I would love to go to that!! I don’t believe I will be going to LaPush anytime soon, sadly! But cannot wait to hear about how it was if anyone goes!!!

  2. klutzy says:

    i would go…butit costs too much to get the plane, hotel…:] have fun woever is going!:]

  3. Twilight Addict :) AKA. Lyndsey. says:


  4. Sia says:

    This looks like fun and I would attend if I could.

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