New Jacob Black picture

by on July 20, 2009
in Cast & Characters, New Moon Movie

Here is a new picture of Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. Thanks to all our readers who emailed.

It was in a article about Comic Con in USA Today.


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  1. twilight hater says:

    i think that twilight is so last year and that you people should just check out how mant people write on this stupid website each month only a few peaple you guys should just find a new hobby like playing modern war far or call of duty or els this game about killing zombies and i think you should just LEAVE THAT DUMB MOVIE ALONE!!!

    • brooke harris says:

      thats your opion and no one asked for it . and i think its retarted that u had nothing better to do with your time but insult another persons work ,dont be a hater . and dont bring other people down to make your self feel better

  2. new moon lover says:

    TEAM JACOB BLACK WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi my name is rosa i what to say that i love your movie i think that it was great the must i like jacb he is so cute and hot i just whis i can meet him some day . your always rosa

  4. Elsa Escobar says:

    I am an older woman but my heart is young. I envy Bella, Jacob is not sort of beautiful, He is simply GORGEOUS, I wish 2 B 17th again

  5. whitney says:

    i love this movie and the books and i love this site

  6. aidalis ramos says:

    i love new moon mostly jacob and edward there hot really both of them if i really had to make a choice i really would not know which to choose there that hot.

  7. Ashley says:

    I love you and i wish i could see you.

  8. Ashley says:

    I lov you and wish to see you one day

  9. rana king says:

    Jacob I love you so much …… you are the best more the Robert <3 love you jacob

  10. ketly says:

    eu gosto muito de vocês e quero conhecer muito vocês

  11. i never seen it yet but would like to watch it im a twlight fan i like jacob especially i was support to won 2 twlight ticket to come and watch it fedx is support to delivery and drop them off to me im bringing my daughter with me she like bella alot

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