Nordstrom Twilight Clothing

by on July 23, 2009
in Merchandise

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Nordstrom is going to Launch an Exclusive The Twilight Saga: New Moon Apparel and Jewelry Collection in October. They have partnered with Summit Entertainment for this exclusive line. The items will be available for pre-sale starting October 1st (with a October 15th sale date) at Read the articles about it at People and InStyle.

is a press release on it.


11 Responses
  1. mykaela says:

    wow. are those tops cute or what?! they are so hip and fashionable. im gonna go on a shopping spree whe they come out! yay!

  2. jenny310 says:

    wow they are great i want one they should give me one b/c it is almost my b-day

  3. Jennifer? says:

    ugh they are ugly! plus a lil sad
    and why would a team edward hug a team jacob
    AAAAAND where is switzerland!

  4. Odile says:

    wow those r really cute

  5. Odile says:

    lolmao hahahahah to jennifer?

  6. Edward is so cute i cant wait until eclipes come out be cause i want to know the answer ro edwards question i wonder if it is a yes or no

  7. brooklyn says:

    omg!!!!! i cant wait to go see eclipse me and my cuz r goin to go see it at midnight me and her just cant wait!!!!!! my friends have been sooooo… excited!!!! omg!!!! cant wait!!! 🙂 team edward all the way!!!!!!!

  8. looks sooooooooo cute!!! i want it soooooooo much!!! Hahah!!

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