Jackson Commercial

by on July 26, 2009
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Morgan sent us this link to a video of an old mastercard commercial she found starring Jackson Rathbone.


21 Responses
  1. Gina says:

    hahaha i remember that commercial but never realized it was Jackson. Thanks for posting.

  2. constanza says:

    haha.. thats funny..

  3. sarah says:

    u know thats something that i can actually see him doing lol

  4. ~EdwardCullenLuvR~ says:

    how can tell thats him?

  5. Tracy says:

    It’s kind of obvious it’s him .. and the video : xD

  6. chelsea says:

    hahah that hilarious!

  7. bellaaaaaa says:

    Haha that’s funny!!


  8. aliceann says:

    haha! funny…..

  9. Krissssstin. says:

    hes o so cute!

  10. Kaedee says:

    He’s adorrrable!

  11. Odile says:

    jackson is very good in this commercial it is very funny 2

  12. cullen101 says:

    Ha this is hilarious! he was also in a proactive commercial!

  13. mykaela says:

    ome that was soooo hilarious!

  14. mrs.nessieblack says:

    he looks really cute with his hair like that.
    i’ve seen it millions of times but i never knew it was him.

  15. Lyllyanna says:

    I love it! I faintly remember seeing it, but didn’t know that it was him. I love him and anything his does!

  16. Kristin24 says:

    LOL, I remember seeing that commercial and calling my friend who actually made a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron when we were in college. This commercial totally reminded me of that! LMAO
    So funny that was him. How do people come across these commercials?

  17. Twihard 4 Eva! says:


  18. jess says:

    lol! that ws really funny ’cause i could picture him actually doing that! totally lov jackson and loved him in that 16 seconds!

  19. EAMC and IMC says:


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