Twilight-themed Etch a Sketch Contest

by on July 31, 2009
in Contests

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4TNZ posted this picture of the flower from the cover of the New Moon book that someone drew on a Etch a Sketch. Wow! Talent. I couldn’t ever draw anything cool on those things when I was younger.

The picture has inspired them to run a contest.
Here is what they say:

“In fact, we’re so blown away, we’re creating a challenge: Send us YOUR own Twilight-themed Etch a Sketch and we’ll post the best ones on this site with your name on it!”

So if you got Etch in Sketch skills send your pic to 4TNZ here.


The person who did this has contacted me. Her name is MelissaBlack. She originally posted this pic on and that is where 4TNZ got it. Amazing job Melissa. You are famous Now!!!


31 Responses
  1. mrs taylor lautner says:

    apparently a talented person was very bored.

    does anybody know where i can get fake ruffled tulips like that one?

  2. #1 TWILIGHT FREAK says:


  3. klutzy says:

    omg i could never do that wow geez thats good

  4. MelissaBlack says:

    Hiyyah i would just like to say that i was actually the person that created this piece of artwork. I posted it on and it seems like people think its really impressive. Im not lying, it honestly is mine i could send some more pictures. =)

  5. Amanda L. says:

    lol that looks great

  6. Alice1515 says:

    Wow that is absoutly amazing!

  7. mykaela says:

    that is amazing. i cant draw that on a notebook, let alone an etcha sketch.

  8. Leandra says:


    that’s yours? Awesome Job!

    Did you think your work would inspire a contest?

    You are like famous now!! Congrats!

  9. ~EdwardCullenLuvR~ says:

    wow this is amzin!

  10. Mary says:

    That is so good, it’s unreal!!!

  11. Odile says:

    thΓ‘t sreally good i wish i could do that

  12. Erica Cullen says:

    that looks awesome!!
    i wish i could do that..
    hmm…. wonder if they hav one with robert pattinson drawn on it.

  13. cullen101 says:

    Oooh erica cullen that would be so cool!! this is awesome!!! i could barely draw a square much less a flower!!

  14. suzanne says:

    That is an awesome! Great job Melissa!

  15. suzanne says:

    oops…meant to say ‘awesome job’…typing too fast! LOL

  16. awesome!!
    too bad i dont have a an etch sketch πŸ™

  17. coooool…..i wish i could do dat…….:)

  18. Arianna says:

    Wow. That all I can say

  19. Cheryl !!!!! says:

    its so cool, but who has the time to do that !?

  20. Alice1515 says:

    MelissaBlack you are a pure artist! I think that is amazing! I would love to see some other work of yours if you have any you can post or send. Here is my email I would love for you to send me some pictures I would love for you to send some!! THank so much! You are amazing!

  21. Golden_Eyed_Girl says:

    wow that looks amazing it must have taken forever. i hate those things i cant draw anything on them so good job

  22. ysatis :) says:

    woah!:D thats flipping awesome.
    Melissa you rock<3
    your famous now ;] lol
    i wish i could be as talented x]

  23. Ashleigh (Team Jacob, baby!) says:

    Haha someone had to much time on their hands. but it looks great :-))

  24. MelissaBlack says:

    Whoaa i cant actually believe how famous this is becoming! I did this out of boredom one day and it was a few months ago. I was thinking about how twilight fnas post up their artwork and i thought al send in mine. I never realised i was spark up a contest and people would be giving me their email! Unfortunatly i wont be doing anymore etch a sketches because im too scared to get rid of this one πŸ˜› but i will try to buy a new etch a sketch πŸ˜€ thankyou for the comments guys i love you all πŸ™‚ x

  25. Stephanie loves Twilight says:


  26. I says:

    wow good job
    i cant even make a box on those things lol

  27. Jennifer Cullen says:

    I fail at those things I cant even do a house
    its to hard!

  28. twilightlover says:

    wow its so hard to draw on those things! GREAT JOB!! its fasinating what people can do when their bored!! lol

  29. twilightlover says:

    GREAT JOB!! its fasinating what people can do when their bored!! lol

  30. Bella4eva says:

    OMG so cool! I love to draw, I have some talent for it, etch-a-sketch, not so much lol πŸ™‚

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