New picture of Bella

by on August 1, 2009
in Cast & Characters

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The World of Twilight section is up now on the Official New Moon Site and the had this new pic of Bella in the cast section of New Moon. She looks Great!!


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  1. Fanpire_18 says:

    yah i saw this on the site, i cant believe she died her hair though for the Joan Jet look. it looks better when its brown

  2. twilightgurl101 says:

    wow she looks really pretty…, can’t wait till new moon comes out =]

  3. Tati says:

    She is very beautiful! I love her! *-*

  4. klutzy says:

    i love kristen! i cant wait for new moon! she is so beautiful

  5. Dazzled says:

    I really like this. She looks so much older in New Moon than in Twilight. Kristen is so pretty, and lucky. I’d love to play Bella, be famous, and get to kiss alot of hott guys!

  6. Lyssa says:

    ok so i like her brown hair! So upset she dyed it for her Joan Jett movie!
    But im not all quite sure what i think of this picture… im mean she looks older and i love that but her eyes look a little darker then they did in Twilight.
    And she is tanner but thats really good.. i have read all the books many times(Laughs) and i know she is suppost to look really white but in Twilight there where times when she would look like a vanpier more than Edward.
    Ok so my rating on New Bella Picture on a scale from 1 to 5 is… a 4.

  7. Kamry says:

    lol Lyssa. I think they finally got the right color of contacts.

  8. ~EdwardCullenLuvR~ says:

    i wish there was a promo 4 edward! 😀

  9. Esme Cullen says:

    Does her hair look kinda red or is it just me?
    Any who, she looks way better in this movie then in twilight.

  10. Stephanie loves Twilight says:

    she looks GREAT, 🙂

  11. Stephanie loves Twilight says:

    and esme cullen it isn’t just you i noticed as well. LOL

  12. ysatis :) says:

    aw me like(:
    i cant wait for New Moon<3

  13. mykaela says:

    oooooh. i like it! she’ll prob get some extensions for eclipse…

  14. ka_te_lyn says:

    I love this picture. Shes so beautiful. I cant wait for New Moon, and im really suprized by this picture. Her lips look more like they describe her in Breaking dawn. When shes turned into a vampire and she is looking at herself in the mirror searching for something that resembled her human self. One lip slightly bigger than the other and a bit of a curve in it. I just cant wait to see the movies. Iv read the books so many times and my imagination went so wild with it i feel like iv already seen the movies.

  15. Kristin24 says:

    She looks so pretty in this pic 🙂
    I love that her hair is finally the red-brown color its supposed to be and her eyes are the brown color described in the book.
    Such a great pic of her… although, she’s too pale. She’s not supposed to look like a vamp until she becomes one in two more years! :-/

  16. Rosie says:

    she look beautiful!! o.O

  17. Lara says:

    Looks like in this movie Kristen’s make-up will be in earth-tones not the blue-gray of Twilight. Yes, Kristen looks good!

  18. jess says:

    she looks beautiful as always!

  19. i saw dat pick on….but yea she lookz really pretty…:)

  20. Ana says:

    I really like her look. Her hair looks a little (too) red, though.

  21. #1 twilight freak says:

    she looks so so so so so so BEUTIFUL!!!

  22. Rina says:

    She does look like what was described in the book but I think this picture resembles more the vampire version of her in Breaking Dawn…she’s too pale.. guess its the direct lighting on her face..but anyway, she looks great! =) I wish Kristen will get back to her dark brown hair once the Joan Jett movie is over and done with.. She’s already a rebel in her own right, putting up the image in a physical sense, with the Joan Jett would be overkill for her.. kids might get traumatized by just looking at her..

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