Twilight Edward and Bella Duvet Cover

by on August 2, 2009
in Merchandise

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Hot Topic has an Edward and Bella duvet cover to go with the rest of their Twilight bedding. The duvet cover features an image of Edward holding Bella on one side. The other side has a pattern of the Twilight logo and ”I dream about being with you forever.” If you are wondering what’s a duvet cover, it is a fancy name for a comforter cover. With the pillow cases and fleece throw you can have your bed all Twilight. Check it out here.


17 Responses
  1. twilight fanpire OCD says:

    i have thoes >.<

    • Taylor says:

      Where did u get them, i’ve been looking everywhere for them and all the ohter stores have is the purple, also i checked Hottopic stores and the website but they all say they have none left.

  2. Kristin24 says:

    They’re kinda expensive 🙁 I wanted to buy them for my little girl. I’m buying things for her now cause I’m hoping that she’ll love the books when she’s much older… she’s only 2 right now! LOL
    I don’t think they’ll be selling Twilight merchandise when she’s older.

  3. klutzy says:

    I want some! but my parents dont exactly like twilight so they prob wouldnt let me…

  4. thi says:


  5. mykaela says:

    i feel sorry for those of u whose parents hate twilight. my friends parents are the same way with HP

  6. becky says:

    i love the idea of the fleece throw i can drape it over my sofa. and the word duvet is used probably more in the uk, i should know as it gets bloody freezing over here in england we need a duvet.

  7. jenny310 says:


  8. cullen101 says:

    WHO-HOO!! now i can get a whole twilight bed room! but the whole package is kinda pricey its going to take some major convincing,team edward forever!!!

  9. Ammierose says:

    How big is the duvet cover and what bed sizes does it fit??

  10. Ammierose says:

    They do look amazing

  11. cool………i saw those @ hot topic…i want dem sooooooo badly….

  12. bella says:

    omg, i want them o think iam going to tell my brother to buy them for me….lolz… or i might just buy them myself w/my next pay check or somrthing

  13. Elaine says:

    i have it!!!! haha i bought it like 4 days ago it is so awesome i bring the blanket with me wherever i go! hahahaha i love it its very nice and cozy hehe


    OMG I WANT THT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. kaz says:

    Spewing!!!!! Haven’t reached here Down Under yet. I want to get one for my 12 yr old for her birthday/Chrissy present. But don’t trust overseas transactions/purchases. Boo hoo:(

  16. OMG I REALLY WANT THAT for my birthday but my mum and dad won’t pay on the computer……sob

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