Clevver TV Video – Kristen Stewart Profile – Her Life Story

by on August 4, 2009
in Cast & Characters, Videos

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26 Responses
  1. Her new Haircut is Horrible!!!! But she is ok. I don’t really like her that much. She is like one of my least fav actresses.

  2. nina says:

    i think she is an awesome actress but needs some tips for being out in public. when she speaks to an audience she gets all nervous and runs into her words, she need help. besides that shes awesome

  3. jemcullen says:

    she is a brilliant actress but she gets nervous in public and mixes her words wen she speaks but so does rob and they r both stil fantastic as bella and edward

  4. Jess says:

    i love ksteew she is amazing but she isnt dating the one kid anymore isnt she single cause she dated rob then rob broke up with her

  5. shahar EB says:


  6. constanza says:

    her brother is like kristen male version!!
    he could totally put on a wig n pass 4 kristen!!
    they look exactly alike!!

  7. morgan says:

    @Jess that was just tabloids you cant believe that stuff(no offence intended)

    Im a big fan of her, ‘Twilight’ was her worst movie as far as her acting goes but in ‘IN the land of women’, ‘panic room’, ‘speak’, ‘into the wild’, and ‘what just happened where amazing.

    ‘Space Balls’ is a great movie

  8. Emmet Lover says:

    I hve a book and its kristen stewarts Bio!! did u guys know all of her family is in the movie biz: Her 3 brothers r boom operators, her mom is a scrip writer, and her dad is, uhhhhhhhhhh i acualy forget what he is but i know its something to do with movies…..

  9. Rachelle Patterson says:

    Wow… I used to own the movie Panic Room and I didn’t even realize that Kristin Stewart played the daughter. I loved that movie too.

  10. Ceecee says:

    I didn’t know that Kristien has green eyes

  11. rob luver says:

    it would be nice to call kristen my sis, but her brother would have to be careful because proplr could just date them to meet kristen stewart.

  12. mscullen3 says:

    she also played in catch that kid

  13. Team Jacob says:

    i agree with *nina* kristen can definitly use some help when she’s in public. she needs to represent

  14. Deana Twitty says:

    I love KStew!! She’s my fave actress and i knew about eveything they said in this video…and i love her in interviews even though she gets all nervous and fumbles with her words and she even said once that she wasnt good with interviews

  15. misz jacob black says:

    did kristen break up with micheal?
    and when it says kristen enjoys surfing she actually confirmed in an interview that she said that when she was younger and doesn’t even surf

  16. jess says:

    i lov kristen! she’s just so awesome and an amazing actress! i think she is so beautiful, very cool and seems lik a lot of fun! i LOVE her style! and think her hair at the moment rocks – it doesnt suit her quite right but i still lik it on her! she is nervous wen she talk in interviews + crowds and stuff but i think that just makes her more normal! i would lov 2 meet her 1 day and WISH that ppl and magazines and stuff would stop making up crap about her and her lov life its most probably ALL LIES and its HER buisness NOT ours!!

  17. jess says:

    oh! and i had NO IDEA! that kristen’s eyes were green! im kinda shocked! i did no that she wore brown contacts in the movie but just thought that that her eyes wer still brown but they wer trying to make it thay “bella deep chocolate brown” eye colour! lol!

  18. andrea says:

    i love kristen stewart shes my idol i mean she so different then other actresses thats why i like her she doesnt kare wht ppl have 2 say about her cuz shes noes the truth and they dont. i love all her movies i seen all of them my favorite is the messangers she was awesome in it. ppl need 2 stop hating on her wht did she do shes so beautiful she has nice hair i love kstew =) dont ever change

  19. Ceecee says:

    I agree with Mscullen3 because she was in catch that kid

  20. Renesmee says:

    You wouldn’t even have to watch this video if you just bought a book about kristen stewart, because the book tells you so much more than these people on ”clever” tv could tell you. Although I do agree that people should stop hating her because of her hair. But it would have just been smarter to wair a wig for that movie the runaways, because now she will have to wair a wig in the twilight movies because in breaking dawn bella’s hair is supposed to be down to her waist (because in the twilight movies bella never cuts her hair). Oh and for the person who has a picture of renesmee, that is a baby picture of me, and the only thing photo shopped is the skin.

  21. Renesmee says:

    but my name isn’t actually renesmee it’s magdelena

  22. Jaz says:

    I absolutely love her, but does anyone know if she is changing her hair back to the way it was when she shoots “Eclipse”? No offense, but it looks kinda bad ):

  23. Amanda says:

    she was in catch that kid and she was in a porshe commercial too.

  24. kristen stewart iz awesome….i wish 2 meet her 1 day….she seems really coooool….she iz a great actress….i have seened almost all of da movies she’s been in…and she;s really gud @ acting……:D

  25. sam says:

    i love edward and jacob but i cant decide who is MORE HOT: EDWARD OR JACOB!!!!!! but i still lLOVE both of them!!!!!!!

  26. I love her she is my idol. Because of her my dream goal is to be an actor.

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