Pictures of cast at Teen Choice Awards

by on August 9, 2009
in Cast & Characters

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Click on the links below to check out pics of the Twilight cast from the Teen choice Awards. They are all looking great!

Just Jared Robert, Jackson, Kellan

Just Jared Kristen

Socialite Life Taylor

Socialite Life Kellan

Socialite Life Nikki

Getty Images


52 Responses
  1. thats not fair!!!! its still sunday in california!!!

  2. Leandra says:

    the awards are tonight but they are not on tv till tommorrow

  3. may says:

    ok…love hoe rob and kellan look

    but Taylor… looks too tight on him(looks like be can barely breathe)

  4. Leandra says:

    it’s because all those huge muscles he has to pack around LOL he is only 17 so not fair lol

  5. ya i know but still how does it work for ppl in madrid sydney hong kong and stuff cuz today over there is tomorrow which is monday

  6. morgan says:

    I love kristens look! I mean its just so edgy and cool, and man her hair looks so pretty like that and her eyes really pop. Idk if Im the only one who will like it because its that kind of situation where you love it or hate it, and Im really into the punk look. and i agree with may that rob and kellan look hot but taylor also looks good(: Nikki’s outfit is gross, and ashleys is cute. Jackson looks so cute too(: I swear Im in love with Jackson Rathbone. Hes just so sweet and the thing he did for that girl with cancer was so heart warming. Man this comment is long. lmfao

  7. morgan says:

    taylors hair is awesome too(:

  8. andrea says:

    =( its still sunday in claifornia oh well but arent our boys lookin mighty fine wink wink taylor,rob lolz =)

  9. Valice says:

    you guys right its still sunday but i like the looks of Robert and Kellan!!

  10. here in los cabos,mexico i saw the programs in fox and in that hour people will be watching the simpsons πŸ™

  11. Azucena says:

    OMGG!!. the girls look terrible. and the guys look alrite and taylor could do wayy better. And im HEARTBROKEN cause i dont have FOX and im not gonna be able to watch the teenchoice:(

  12. azucena you can watch it online!
    oh and valeria i was in cabo for vacationing and its so beautiful pretty cool

  13. Tina says:

    well if you look at the pictures of Ashley it looks like she won for something (fresh new face?) and possibly Taylor Lautner too. Not that it was any surprise. Twilight took over the MTV awards, why not Teen Choice too? YAY

  14. Azucena says:

    TWILIGHTLOVER; wat website?? plzz tell me!

  15. Team Jacober says:

    πŸ™‚ I hope Twilight won something…
    What I really mean: * I hope Taylor won his catergory*<<< He deserves it! πŸ™‚

  16. MACKENZIE says:

    the guys look amazing and ashley greene, kristen and niikki look bad but taylor look amazing

  17. Antonia Cullen says:

    I think Kellan,Taylor,and Jackson look great but I think that rob could have wore something different…But he still looks good!:]

  18. ~SweetLuv2Stacci~ says:

    Nikki i wudnt even touch that dress
    ash lookz awesome as usaul
    and he boyz…. ahhhhh so hot *dazzled*

  19. Brianna says:

    I think that Nikkis is the worst. Ashleys is ok. And Taylor could do better. But I think that everyone else looks pretty good!

  20. Twilightluvaaa says:

    I agree with Brianna

  21. Mary says:

    Oh Nikki, you are too beautiful to wear a dress like that!!!
    I liked Kristen’s hair, the dress not so much.
    Ashley’s dress was perfect for her.
    The boys looked amazing, as always!

    Can’t wait to watch the awards!

  22. TwilightedStar says:

    Everyone looks so great especially Rob! ;D
    Kristen looks so awesome,too!
    It’s not something I would wear,but she can pull off anything! =D
    Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow to see the cast && Rob and Kristen’s chemistry.
    Ahahaa :]

  23. Churvaniz says:

    OMG!!! I LOve the Cast!!
    WheW!! I love kristen’s outfit
    and her make up wOw, it’s suits her
    she looks natural and blooming! while

  24. Tesha Cullen says:

    we need to get Rob some more clothes, the poor boy doesn’t know how to dress, or doesn’t have anything to wear, I’m not sure which. BTW, We won 11 surfboards!!!

  25. jess says:

    have you seen kristen!? omg! gourgous! i LOVE wat she’s wearing and how she’s done her hair! i especially lov her skirt! if i couldnt look lik ashley then i’d happily b kristen’s twin! i really think sh should keep her hair lik that iv always loved it on her!

  26. GoldenEyesVamp says:

    Taylor looks HOT in his out fit
    Rob…it can be beter…
    Jackson nice
    Kellan HOT
    Kristen luv her dress…

    But Taylor is the HOTTEST GUY in the world, after Alex Meraz ofcorse

  27. Team Jacob! says:

    luvin these pics Taylor looks HOT as usual Rob looks gd and Kellan looks Hot!!

  28. Tori says:

    The cast looks awesome. Kristen, had an interesting dress. So did Nikki. They weren’t my favorite. Rob and the reat of the guys looked great!

  29. Sarah-N says:

    Kristen looks so pretty and cute!! Her hair are way better on these photos than to Comic-Con. And her make-up is really beautiful!! Her dress is cool too. Taylor looks great!! πŸ™‚


  30. twilight.nerd says:

    WOW! Rob looks H-O-T-T HOTT! Eh, Taylor looks ok. Love Kristens look!

  31. Sophie Baker says:

    When does the TCA come on tv in the UK ???

    And the Boys look fit as ever ! spesh Jackson ..


    =3 ?

  32. Gemma Cullen says:

    They ALL look Awesome πŸ˜€
    Can anybody tell me when and what channel the Teen Choice Awards will be on in the UK? Pleaseee.

  33. daniela says:

    just not liking kristins style anymore. it’s changed a lot since the twilight movie started.
    she’s pretty, i’m just not feeling her hair anymore.

  34. wow yummy!! taylor looks like he can barley breathe!!!! rob is ok and jackson is very good looking as always lol

  35. aliceann says:

    i think all the boys look great. πŸ™‚
    and kristen besisdes the skirt i kinda like how she has a soft look, and even though i dont think she looks “great”, i like how she made her better the way she did it, rather than how it was at comic con.

  36. Golden_Eyed_Girl says:

    i hope twilight wins everything like at the movie awards

  37. cullen101 says:

    the boys look amazing!!!(especially rob!!!dont know about taylors outfit hmmm…) i love how ashley looks she has amazing style!!! but i really wish that the awards were live because people that were there are probably going to spoil the surprise!

  38. Gemma Cullen says:


  39. team Emmett says:

    lol kellan is hot. and rob is sexy and jackson still has the jasper stand!!
    am i the only one seeing it? really?

  40. Sunni Dae says:

    was Rob trying to look like poo? How did everyone else manage to look great except him? Really disappointing!

  41. Tara says:

    Wait isn’t this on TV Tonight??

  42. Ebony says:

    Oh!those boys look great, even jackson, but rob, he looks nice but i dont like what he is wereing. is that the best he can do?!!

  43. Meredith Lautner says:

    i love Taylor =]

  44. i think every1 lookz nice….but i agree nikki iz 2 pretty 2 wear a dress lyk dat…but i think all of da guys look nice….and so duz kristen and ahley day look nice 2….:)

  45. Tina says:

    it will probably be on or, they usually do a lot of fox’s television. I don’t know what channel it will be on in the UK, but you should be able to find it online on either of those.

  46. ella says:

    i thonk the shir that taylor is wereing makes him look SEXY

  47. Ana says:

    Okay, Uh…Rob looks stupid, like always (Sorry to all to Rob-Luvers), Kellan kinda looks like a schoolboy (Not that I dislike it xD), Taylor’s upper arms are being squeezed to fit into his shirt (yummmm…..), Kris looks amazing!!! She totally rocks that edgy look! Ashley truly done better, Nikki looks great, but WHY did she pick that dress?! If it wasn’t for the sleeves!!

    I love you, Jackson! You’re always attractive and nice, I love you!

  48. #1 TWILIGHT FREAKβ„’ says:


  49. shahar EB says:

    robert is soo hot!
    i love his hair..
    everyone is looking really good but…
    can taylor look more ridiculous? jacob fans..
    it looks like his clothes are going to rip out of him..

  50. oh Kellen… YOU ROCK

  51. wow rob looks hot
    kellen and jackson both hot all so
    kristen rocking the outfit
    nikki yuck wat was she thinking
    ashley like the outfit

  52. EDWARD'S BELLA says:


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