Pictures from EW Shoot

by on August 13, 2009
in Cast & Characters

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EW has pictures up from the photo shoot Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart did. They look Awesome! You can see them all here.


35 Responses
  1. ms.taycob says:

    i love the pixs taylor looks so hot!! Kristen looks really pretty

  2. ms.taycob says:

    Im soo team jacob!!
    finally i post a first comment

  3. twilight.nerd says:

    I have to admit… Taylor looks pretty hot!


  4. shahar EB says:

    when i look at this picture and a picture of her and robert..
    you can actualy see that between taylor and kristen its just friendship
    and with robert its love!!

    how is kristens hair long again???

  5. Valerie says:


    But these are some cute pics.

  6. Edwardluvr87 says:

    I wish that insted of Taylor that it was Rob just because im Team Edward . But but Kristen & Taylor both look really cute

  7. andrea says:

    awwww they cute 2gether i like them but yea how in the world did kristens hair get long again? wow head hurts lolz

    team edward!!!!!! =)

  8. M3L Black says:

    The pictures are so cute, especially the two when he picked her up and hes smiling and he has his hands up and she is in a fighting stance like a boxer.
    but really alot of people need to chill on that site and others with the whole Rob/Kristen and Bella/Edward thing, it doesnt get that serious. People sound delusional like they really know that Rob and her are going out and that some how in this photoshoot he is trying to take her away from him. Its just pictures and movies! lol

  9. Hallie says:


  10. Sarah says:

    I love these pictures! Taylor looks amazing, and kristin look pretty. I am so excited for the movie, it’s time that jacob is put in the story, I love Jacob he is so funny and sweet. Go Team Jacob!

  11. Raven says:

    I love those pics!!!

  12. team jacob, team edward says:

    it`s like they are a couple. aaaaawwwww!!!!!!!!
    but nice pics.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  13. Kristin24 says:

    They make a beautiful couple. They really photoshopped her eyes like crazy. They’re pretty, but not really hers. Know what I mean? LOL :-/

  14. LEXI says:


    lovveeee themmmm!!!

  15. Shelbie says:

    Taylor is so hot! I really wish Kristen didn’t cut her hair, it was so pretty, but I still like her though.

  16. aww tay iss a total cutie but i lyk thee old ew photoshoot best cuz rob iss in it πŸ™‚

  17. aliceann says:

    kristen looks gorgeous!
    and taylor looks…HOT HOT HOT!
    so, jealous of kristen at the moment lol.

  18. aliceann says:

    sry, just thought i should state:
    thats how i roll. lolz. thats possible rite???

  19. aliceann says:

    Oh and (last comment i promise) just thought I should mention that on a twi fansite it said today was Edward and bellas anniversary.(I didn’t know that…) So happy aniversary e and b! πŸ™‚

  20. Esme Cullen says:

    Happy Anniversary Bells and Edward =)
    In the 1st pic Taylors face looks more square.

  21. Team Jacob says:

    i really wanted to see all the pictures….but ill live with these………..TAYLOR IS SO HOT!!!!!!

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!


  22. MACKENZIE says:

    taylor is soooo, hot i love his hair. go team jacob!!!!

  23. Valice says:

    no what about edward!!

  24. #1 TWILIGHT FREAKβ„’ says:


  25. Churvaniz says:

    TEAM TAYSTEN!!! nah..
    I still go for TEAM ROBSTEN!!!!
    though this two looks absolutely

  26. jess says:

    they look so cool together!!! taylor is soooo hot!! and kristen’s a true beauty!

  27. Ebony says:

    kristen is so gorgeous, but her eyes looks so bright and kinda golden?!!

    Taylor is WOW! no words for him, just look at him πŸ˜‰

  28. Ebony says:

    ok i just saw the pix from Italy again, and i don’t understand why rob is coverd with these dots, i know its to make him sparkle, but edward does not actually step in the sun, so what is that???

  29. Siret says:

    Omg, so pretty pics

  30. Ray_Poe says:

    I’m team Jacob but even team edward ladies have to admit that you can see some chemistry here. It is different than the steamy edward and bella chemistry, but I buy it. It looks like they are friends hanging out that might just start making out.

  31. aaww(in a non gooey way)
    anyways i love these pics, kristen looks so pretty with or without her hair long,and taylor is really cute.i like the idea of them being really good friends.

  32. awwwwwwwwww… look sooo cute 2geta….lyk i said b4….taylor lookz soooo hot….and kristen lookz sooooo pretty…:D

  33. Mickee says:

    Kristen is so pretty…… I’m jealous with her perfect face…LOL

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