What Would You Take With You In 2012?

by on August 28, 2009
in Twilight Movie

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MTV’s Hollywood Crush has an article up talking about the Viral Campaign for the movie 2012.

The movie has set up a website called “What Would You Take With You In 2012?”. You vote in polls for the art, literature, film and music categories of what you would save.

The Film Category has ended voting and surprise, surprise Twilight won.

Read the entire article over at MTV for more details.


7 Responses
  1. Odile says:

    well yah obviously Twilight would win I mean what moive WOULD win over Twilight
    1st comment

  2. jess says:

    twilight ALWAYS wins!! u cant beat it!!

  3. Team Jacob says:

    twilight movies and the boocks atv!!!

  4. maritza says:


  5. mykaela says:

    id take all my twilight stuff with me…and edward or jake. haha. never mind. probably both.

  6. MS TWILIGHTER 1997 says:

    Twilight books and the Movie……………………….HELLO WHO WOODEN

  7. New Moon since i will come out before 2012 and the worlds not going to end then either! itz stupid that people think that!!! they have even came up with a movie about it and i’m not going to see it! cause i’m not stupid!

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