Wolf Pack Character List

by on September 8, 2009
in Cast & Characters

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Here is the Wolf Pack Character List. Visit Becky’s TwiFan page to see a bigger picture of the list.


22 Responses
  1. team jacob says:

    cool, now we know alittle more about them…………..


  2. werewolf says:

    thays cool! i like Seth’s charater, hes cute! 😀

  3. FOXXX says:

    Yeah! I like the character lists. Nice to have the extra info.

  4. jt says:

    Paul imprints on “Rachel”?
    Jared imprints on “school friend Kim”?

    I don’t remember any of this. Were Rachel and Kim just mentioned to Bella? I don’t remember her meeting them. And I don’t remember Jacob having a sister.

    And I didn’t expect Quil to look like that.

    Does Leah and Seth imprint on anyone?

  5. Garrett says:

    They look great, jt Jacob has a twin sister its in breaking dawn book 2 he mentions her when he punches Paul in da nose

  6. Garrett says:

    me either i didnt expect quil to look like that, he look like a high skewl freshman

  7. becky says:

    Jake tells bella that Jared sat next to Kim at school for years and didnt look at her twice, but then one day bam! i can’t remember without looking whether it was eclipse or breaking dawn, i think it was in eclipse as she went to the bonfire

  8. mykaela says:

    SINCE WHEN DID QUIL HAVE GLASSES!? oh well. and didnt bella desribe him as heavy-set? he looks pretty darn skinny to me…

  9. jt says:

    @Garrett: Whaaaat?? Why did it take four books for Jake to reveal he has a twin sister?! Wouldn’t Bella have been mentioned that earlier? And where has she been! (Breaking Dawn paperback needs to hurry up!)

    @Becky: Ohhhh!! I remember that now. I think that was in Eclipse. Thanks!

  10. Fee says:

    I Pictured Quil differently also but maybe it will be a good change.

  11. TaylorLautnerISMINE!! says:

    @mykaela: Yup! I totally agree, Quil looks lyk a nerd here!

  12. ysatis (: says:

    like JT mentioned, i didnt remmember any of that either.
    i have to read them again, but i dont have timeeee :/
    i better make time. anyways, Quil is not going to have
    glasses, its just a picture of him again
    (look at the wolf pack poster a few posts up )

    @ JT: i dont believe Leah or Seth inprint on anyone.

  13. Anne^^. says:

    ohh, i TOTALLY LUV seth! (L)
    lolz… and paul 🙂
    and i liked leah pretty much: just how i pictured her 😉
    @ Becky, pretty cool graphic 🙂

  14. ashley(: :)cullen! says:

    I like those choices! Except, Quil! He doesnt even look indian. His family is part of like the root of werewolves. So shouldnt he be like one of the most indian! Oh welllllll.

  15. team jacob says:


  16. Stephanie says:

    Jacob does not have a twin sister! He has two sisters that are twins. Maybe we should read the books again

  17. Brittney says:

    Did you guys even read all four books!?!? Jacob has two sisters. They are twins, Rebecca and Rachel, they both left as soon as they could after their mother passed away. Rebecca lives in Hawaii with her husband (Reason she doesn’t visit), Paul imprints on Rachel in the last book when she visits from college, which irritated Billy and Jacob but they are happy Rachel is home now. Kim had a crush on Jared but he didn’t like her until him imprinted on her.

  18. Jacob black says:

    🙂 I really like Jacob

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