Twilight New Moon Action Figures

by on September 11, 2009
in Collectibles, Figures & Dolls, Merchandise

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Twilight New Moon action figures are available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth. This wave of figures includes Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Jacob Black and Alice Cullen. This is only wave one so expect other characters in the future. Check them out here.



41 Responses
  1. Twilight_is_Love says:

    omg, cool i want them #1 comment 🙂

  2. nikki ann says:

    mmm wow interesting 🙂

  3. cullen101 says:

    AHH!!!! edward and alice figures!!!!!!!!!!now i ask can it get better?!



  6. morgan says:

    edwards shoes do not match his suit. its a rule. black and brown do not mesh

  7. aliceann says:

    i think bella and alice’s could be better, but i like edward and jacobs 🙂 jake’s the most.

  8. Garrett says:

    srry dey luk crazy but i would still buy 1

  9. skarlly says:

    Gotta say jacob is the best one the got :)))) the others look good also

  10. team robert(: says:

    i already saw this… (:

  11. hollywoodgirl says:

    i wish they would pay more attention to their facial features

  12. Anne^^. says:

    yeah, i agree with u “hollywoodgirl”
    and with “aliceann” 😉
    @ aliceann-‘n’ yeah, girl, we better make that club,haha. lolz, u obviously r in it 2! 😀 lolz, really. haha, alright, i believe this is not gonna be somethin easy but however, it would be very fun! 😀

  13. Edward Cullen's Girlfriend says:

    Edward is even HOTT in doll form! LOVE HIIIMMM!

  14. TeamJacob?TeamEdward? says:

    Is that bella and Alice?Snikcer Snikcer.HAHA!

  15. TeamJacob?TeamEdward? says:

    I had to flick A pictuer of robs head becaease HE MIGHT DICH TWILIGHT FOR KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!I mean I want them to be together but Still be in twilight!
    His AN IDOT TO EVEN THINK OF DOING THAT!!!!!!!!I mean I LOVE rob because I have pictuters of him PLASTERED on my walls but HAS HE LOST HIS MIND????I’m not too thrilled with him right now.

  16. twilightlover says:

    omg the dolls freak me out!!

  17. liz the wolf girl says:

    Theres a difference between being a twihard and being flat out dumb. this isn’t the dumbest twi-obsession story i’ve heard, but its still kinda creepy.posters and clothes and stuff are kewl, but you can only go so far. say a miracle happened, and you met your fave twilight character and became friends. one day, he/she comes to your place and sees that you have a DOLL that looks just like them.idk about that person, but i would be pretty weirded out if i were that person.

  18. Lola says:

    Bella looks horrible in the face, Edward and Alice are ok but Jacob looks good.
    Team Jacob..!!

  19. jess says:

    ther horrible and ugly and look NOTHING lik them!!! they suck and id never want one!!!! bla!

  20. why can’t they make an Emmett one and i hope they make a seth one!!!

    • Twilighter#01 says:

      i know right BooBooStewartLuver/AnnalyneNewbery!!!! i agree with you fully!

      • thanks Twilighter#01!!!! i hope they make a renesmee 1 too that would be cool. they already have the girl that is going to play Renesmee 🙁 and i was wanting to play her!!!! the girl that will play Renesmee is Bella Thorne! lol on the name Bella but itz cool that she has the name Bella because her “Mommy” is Bella!!!! 🙂

  21. Bella4eva says:

    BooBooStewartLuver/AnnalyneNewbery- how do u kno bout Nessie? I thought they weren’t even sure about making a BD movie? Ans Nessie calls Bella Momma, not Mommy. 🙂

  22. Gabi says:

    bella looks like a man.

  23. Brittany says:

    🙂 YAY!! I am so glad! 🙂 I was hoping they would do that!

  24. Destiny Q. says:

    Wow. Those are actually really creepy. Like, scary almost. Honestly, who would buy those? Wouldn’t you rather go for the posters of the actual people? Hahahaha

  25. Bella's Clone says:

    They could be better. Jake’s is the best!

  26. Mel says:

    They look alittle weird…


  27. Team Alice says:


  28. nicki says:

    i think new moon will be a great seckuss and cant wate to see it on the 19th and just have to see it and i have a feeling that im going to become famis in the next 1 and 1/2 so if any body needs some one 13 almost 4teen than give me a call 8165328148

  29. khattar says:

    I think Jacob is so pitiful. There is something wrong with Bella.

  30. faith says:

    i am so team Edward and jacob is so HOT!!!!!!!

  31. faith says:

    i love jacob and i am so a vampier and a witch i am one of the charmed ones I LOVE YOU EDWARD AND MOSTLEY JACOB!!!!!!!!

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