Twilight Tees, Shoes, and Gifts

by on September 12, 2009
in Apparel & T-Shirts, Merchandise

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Take a peek at all the cool fan-made merchandise available at Zazzle. There are Twilight, Team Edward, Team Jacob, and The Cullens tee shirts, shoes, buttons, and gifts. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to wear, check them out:
Team Edward
Team Jacob
The Cullens


16 Responses
  1. Cady says:

    I’ve ordered a bunch of Twilight stuff from Zazzle!!

  2. mykaela says:

    cool. i really like the team edward shoes

  3. Valice says:

    I want yhem all but i can’t get them that sucks!

  4. Valice says:

    I mean i want them all sorry my mistake.

  5. nikki ann says:

    i soooooooooo want them 🙁 they look amazing 🙁

  6. aliceann says:

    love the team edward shoes, team emmett shirt, and alice tee 🙂
    wanna get them!

  7. Anne^^. says:

    i want ’em ALL! yay, luved them 😀

  8. liz the wolf girl says:

    i so want those. especially the team jacob shirt that said ” i want to la push edward off a cliff ” lol, thats so awesome. I WANT THEM! * cries * but i knoe i wont be able 2 get them . . . * tear tear * =[

  9. M3L Black says:

    lol I agree with liz the wolf girl.
    love the Team Jacob stuff. Im actually wearing a Team Jacob shirt now lol, from Charlotte Russe though.

  10. jess says:

    so awesome!!! i really want a very cwl not cheep lookin twilight T!!!??? maybe someday….?

  11. mrs.cullen says:

    i loveeeee those shoes i have 2 beg my parents 2 but them cause im broke:( and my mom HATES twilight idk why cause it totally rocks but she hasent read the AMAZING books

  12. Tiffany says:

    i want the edward shoes!!

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