Taylor Presenting at VMA’s

by on September 14, 2009
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Taylor Lautner and Shakira presented the award for the Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards.

On a side note what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift, very uncool. What a jerk.

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67 Responses
  1. Azucena says:

    yes. what he did was so unprofessional and so friken lame.
    but Beyonce definitely was a sweetheart about it and made it right

  2. Brooke says:

    My jaw dropped when I was watching it…I couldn’t believe he did that.

  3. kassi says:

    i totally agree and props to beyonce for her makin everything right

  4. Leandra says:

    I know Beyonce is one class act! Kayne is a jerk. I feel so bad for poor taylor

  5. detta says:

    I was really upset with how he acted. Taylor is one of my favorite singers. I met her when she first was becoming famous. SHe is a total sweetheart and cares about her fans and music!

  6. Sara says:

    I feel so terrible for taylor it was her moment and it was just crushed. Taylors strong and I hope she comes back with some lyrics about it!

  7. Mary says:

    I saw that KW and wanted to just smack him! My God, give the girl her moment and what a classy move on Beyonce’s half to call Taylor back to accept her award speech during her moment. I have nothing, but the upmost respect for that lovely young lady. Jay-Z married a good woman, that was class. Congrats to both Taylor’s; one for her song, the other for his Extended ‘New Moon Trailor”
    Both were awesome!

  8. Carlie says:

    I dont even like taylor! but what he did was sooooo WRONG! i was tearing up when i saw her face:( ugh. what a freaking JERK!!!!!!!

  9. BerryMary says:

    I never liked Kanye he’s such an a-hole!! Poor Poor Taylor and it happened right before she had to perform!

    the new moon trailer was freakin sick!! I just bought my ticket for the midnight showing woo hoo!!

  10. liz says:

    If Kanye’s mother was here to witness this she would be ashamed of him. Thank you Beyonce for giving Taylor Swift a moment to make her acceptance speech for her award. Taylor is such a sweet person. Beyonce you are a class act. Beyonce I like your music but I really was not a fan before but I’m definitely a fan now!!

  11. Hedda says:

    I can’t watch it because i live in Norway.. Can someone tell me what Kanye and beyonce did please?

    • AmandaLuvsRobertPattinson says:

      When taylor went up to get her award and say her thank you speech kanye went up and said ” Yo taylor im realy happy for you im gonna let you finish but beyonce had one of the best video of all time”

  12. mizzr2 says:

    yeahhh very disrespectful and inappropriate…tsk. Kanye has a dumbhead!
    Poor Taylor S :O

  13. me says:

    umm in picture on the mtv vma photo gallery umm i saw a pic of him and he looked drunk he had a achahol bottlle and he looked all scuffy

  14. Heather says:

    kayne west is an a#@

  15. Deana says:

    wow my friend was a huge kanye fan but his stupid ego and he was probably drunk she may not like him anymore. i surely dont. but at first i thought it was one of those MTV acts when they make you think it was for real but i looked at beyonce’s reaction and i could tell that it wasn’t fake so im truly not a fan of kanye anymore. i love TS and i hope she’s better

  16. jenny says:

    kanye is a jerk, i will never listen to his music again. 😛

  17. Mai says:

    what kanye did was ignorant. but he was rite

  18. Mickee says:

    Kanye is a piece of Sh**….. I hate him! Taylor deserved that award.

  19. Siret says:

    i can’t see that video, it says that it is unable in my region 🙁

  20. TIFFANY says:

    ya, i agree! he is a major jerk!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Nicole says:

    Kanye was such a jerk!!! it was all over twitter last night. Im glad beyonce made it right.

  22. Esme Cullen says:

    Kanye is such a Butt Hole. I love Taylor Swift. She deserved that prize.

  23. jennifer says:

    That is soooo wrong…..Ilost respect for him and you know he always pulls crap if he doesnt in but now because someone didnt win that he wanted then he starts crap…he needs to grow up and get over it becuse its not kanya’s music awards…. its america’s choice who they want to win and you know Beyonce won Video of the year and thats the best one…i wonder if he had to said then… I think he should to be allow to come back to the VMA’s beacuse that is disrepsectful

  24. ysatis (: says:

    AHHH ! ; taylor looked so frikinq cute :-*

    @ Jennifer & Mary :
    you both toook the words RIGHT
    out of my mouth. uqhh, he lost all respect for me.

  25. Nessa says:

    Total JERK!!!!!

  26. SUSAN says:


  27. shahar EB says:

    Kanye West was acting really stupid..

    i am really happy for taylor though..

  28. FOXXX says:

    KW is a jerk & should nÓt be allowed back to the VMAs, although B is a far better artist than TS (don’t get me wrong, she’s cute & all & can carry a tune) but she did not deserve to be disrespected esp in her moment to shine. Glad Ms. Knowles was raised to be a lady & made things right. SHAME ON U, KANYE! MAMA WOULD BE SO DISAPPOINTED IN UR LACK OF RESPECT & MATURITY!!

  29. FOXXX says:

    PS- on a lighter note, Taylor L. Looked hot, as always! Did he rock that suit or what?!!!

  30. Lara says:

    Of course KW was a #$%^&. Doesn’t anyone remember that a day after the levees broke in New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina) he he said the govt did it on purpose to kill black people. I mean what kind of nutcase says that? Don’t like what Jay-Z said at the presidential inaguration ball either…

    Good for Taylor S for keeping it together on stage. I don’t think I could have stayed composed…

  31. Ashleigh says:

    freakin’ hate Kanye! I praise Beyonce for what she did for Taylor; letting her speak after her performance, im not surprised Beyonce looked embarrassed, Kanye’s a J.E.R.K!!!!

  32. Twilight Becka says:

    What Kanye did to Taylor was totally wrong. But what Beyonce did was wonderful. She is a sweetheart to allow Taylor come out and accept her award properly. I have lost all respect for him.

  33. Angela says:

    I know I just sat there in shock saying who does he think he freaking is!And I saw that Taylor L. looked discusted.

  34. Shermainee. says:

    uhh i hate kanye so much he jst makess it seems as if all of us blck ppl r rudee & iqronrant.i love taylor swift & she deserved her award.Beyonce was very classy at thaa end.& jay-z is a biqqer jerk for arquiq w/ beyonce because she brought taylor on stage.b/c he agrees w. kanyee.ppl just have no manners.its crazy. like who goes to an award show drunk anyway.like who tha hell dou think u are.

  35. Sunni Dae says:

    I think that man is so desperate for attention that someone should like him up in a looney bin where he could get all the attention he needs on a daily bases. You don’t do these type of things especially if you are a grown man! Taylor did not deserve that at all!

  36. Jessica & Edward says:

    He’s a complete idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he ends up on any of the twilight saga. I will not buy the cd!!!!!!!
    I hate Kanye West !!!!!

  37. Aubrey says:

    the first time i saw this i was like :O what the heck! what a jerk! i was yelling at my tv! and then after it was done i went back to that part and i watched it over and over again.. and Taylor Lautner was like what????? 🙂

  38. Julieth says:

    he was such a jerkk wat he did is so inmature i mean really ??? ughhh

  39. FOXXX says:

    I haven’t read the posts following mine so I don’t know if I was blessed out for my last comment. But I will say this-I have to remember the awards were the VIDEO music awards. I just saw Taylor Swift’s vid and it was very sweet & cute while giving the message that non glam girls can get the cutie 2. That said-Ms Swift-rock ur award, u derserved it!

  40. sammy! says:

    dude when taylor lautner came out i was like whoooooooo! but wat kanye did! damn! i was like wat a jerk! wat’s wrong with him!? i felt so bad for taylor swift! but beyonce made it right! whoooooooooo!

    • Alexis says:

      That is what i was thinking. I mean if they both worked together Taylor S. and Taylor L. Why didn’t Taylor go up and give her a hug to make her feel better. He just stood back there in the background as if nothing happened. Well all of them did and Taylor S. just had to stand up for her self. I was so pissed.

  41. sarah says:

    what an A**hole i hate him!!

  42. Alexis says:

    When i saw this my jaw dropped. I was so mad about what Kanye did. Taylor Swift has worked so hard to earn that and he crushed her feelings. GO TAYLOR!!! Even though i don’t really care for your music, i was still mad about what he did.

  43. Bella4eva says:

    OMGEEEEEE! I LOOOOOVE Taylor Swift ” She wears short skirts, i wear tee shirts, she’s cheer capitin abd I’m on the bleachers” AWESOMESAUCE! I listen to her music every day on my shuffle, but OF COURSE thats the one song I dont have so when it comes on the radio I take my headphones out. 🙂 Go team SWIFT! oh yeah
    ps. I agree w/ everyone, Taylor worked so hard to earn that and she deserves her on VMA. Kayne you JERK! >:P

  44. Bella4eva says:

    whoops AND sorry not abd 🙂

  45. HES SUCH A JERK!!!!!>:?

  46. I agree with Pink, if I was Taylor Swift I would hurt him, but would’nt it be awsome if Taylor L. pinned him to the Ground!I would love him!And he had no reason to do that and as Pink said he is a toolbox and he is getting what he wants, people talking about him, but that was rude!He can’t do that, Taylor Swift isn’t ”Modana”. She is only 19. She said how she was so excited and then he came on stage and then she was even more excited cause she’s never met him before but then when he said stuff about Beyonce she was sad. But that was really nice for Beyonce let Taylor Swift talk.So go TEAM SWIFT and TEAM BEYONCE!

  47. Shelbie says:

    What a a** hole!!!! You know, come on who does that? It was Taylor’s time to shine, and he ruined it for her, i feel so bad for her. I am so glad Beyonce was so nice and let her come on with her. KANYE WEST YOU ARE A PINHEAD, as Bill o’Rielly would say;)
    BTW- Taylor Lautner looked so hot!!!!


  49. Mj says:

    Ok I think we all get it KW is a Jerk, B set it rite, and TS desserved thaat award!!!! But is any1 out there on KWs side???? I think we all Hate him but Curiosity… It killed the Cat…lol

  50. Mj says:

    No Body Should Foregive Him He Is Just Appologizing For His Career!!!! This is Bull… I Hate Him!!!!

  51. i agree with you my mom was mad

  52. jamie says:

    taylor lautner looked good up there..but wat kanye did was messed up…i wont b listenin 2 no more of his music..i would have pushed him off tha stage..she 2 nice cuz they would have had 2 call security if it was me he did that 2

  53. mykaela says:

    WHAT?! that is soooooooooo messed up. he must be drunk. that was sooooooooo heart-breaking.

    DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! tay looks hot!

  54. Lara says:

    That was great KW is a pinhead! O’Reilly would so say that! Maybe he will say something next week on his “pinheads and patriots’ segment. 🙂

  55. Nessie says:

    When I was watching I couldn’t beileve that he would be such a jerk. I thought Taylor was going to cry when she didn’t finish her speech. She definetly deserved that award!!! And she looked amazing!!!!!

  56. Katie says:

    I thought that Taylor L. should’ve gone all werewolve on Kanye’s a*^!!!

  57. Lara says:

    He did – Bill O’Reilly called K.W.the ULTIMATE pinhead (hahaha!)

  58. nikki ann says:

    i agree Mj never did like him or his music . forgive and forget hahaha no CHANCE why? he is trying to cover is a** to little to late JERK !!!!!!

  59. Just as Barak Obama put it What a Jackass if i was taylor i would of slaped him in the face kicked him in the balls and stuck the microphone were the sun don’t shine

  60. nour says:

    so mean! like its her first VMA and he wrecks it for her. but Beyonce was real nice and had her say her thanks again but that was real messed up. jerk!

  61. O.E.C.D! says:

    MAN i cant believe he did that. You know he has always been a jerk!!!!JERK!!!!!!

  62. Anastasia says:

    kanye needs to get out of hollywood! he is such a jerk.i wish somebody would do that to him so he knows how it feels.wut an ass

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