Taylor and Kristen and Robert Backstage at VMA’s

by on September 14, 2009
in Cast & Characters

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A member of TwiFans posted some pictures of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards. Don’t they look adorable.

You can check out all the pictures here.

Another one of the 3 of them, thanks aliceann. Backstage picks of Twilight cast at MTV here.



53 Responses
  1. Rachelle says:

    She looks amazing here.. thankfully got rid of the stoner look! Taylor looks wonderful, Robert looks rather unflattering in this picture which is unusual.

  2. Iaia Cullen says:

    Love Kristen’s new haircut… so much better…

  3. aliceann says:

    i like these, but if you go to here:http://www.mtv.com/photos/vma-2009-backstage-moments/1620614/4252640/photo.jhtml to mtvs website, they have cute ones of all three of them. 🙂

  4. Iris says:

    The second one is fake…

  5. Angela says:

    I love kristen’s look last night it’s so old hollywood with a modern flair it fit’s her so well!

  6. Leandra says:

    The second one is fake? Really looks real anyone know

  7. Leandra says:

    ok i took down the one of robert and kristen i think it was fake someone photoshopped it

  8. Alice1515 says:

    Did she really cut her hair or is it a wig? I think she looks awesome! I think they all do!

  9. Anne cullen says:

    they look so different

  10. FOXXX says:

    Why aren’t they smiling? They all look so beautiful but angry!!

  11. jt says:

    I’m loving her new haircut! She looks stunning!

  12. Midori says:

    I think Kristen looks awesome with her new hairstyle. Rob always looks cool, he looks his normal self. Taylor looks like himself….

  13. JaimeMichele says:

    Great pics! FYI – Kristen didn’t get a haircut… they used pins to put her hair up.

    • yastis (: says:

      ooh no wonder. because i saw the back of
      it while watching the VMA`s & it did look like pins
      but since everyone keep saying she cut it, i thouqh so too..
      & since her hair is like JET BLACK, it blends in.
      woah* big mistake >_< but it wouldnt look bad either.

  14. SammiCat says:

    I think she looks fab! All that hair has detracted from her lovely features.

    As for the Robsten hug, have waited months for that and I sighed relief when I finally saw it!

  15. morgan says:

    Kristen looks so pretty! I love the black hair, great contrast for her eyes and skin. That dress is so cool too! Taylor is, as always, hot! Rob too

  16. Mai says:

    taylor is so sexii

  17. bella/edward4eva! says:

    da 2nd pic (witaut taylor) iz sumtin i like 2 c more often bt rob’s hand on kristen’z waist instead i luv her dress and hair and contacts!!!!

  18. nikki ann says:


  19. me says:

    rob and kristen look very touchy

  20. Twi Emo says:

    Is it just me or is Kristen’s hand in Robert’s jacket pocket? =P

  21. OMJ!

    • Twilight_is_Love says:

      Yes, Taylor looks sad because he is being left out, like he’s not even there and that is sad 🙁

      • Ebony says:

        he’s not being left out, he’s a star everyone loves him even though they haven’t see the movie yet! and don’t say he was in twilight coz that doesn’t count he’s role was too short.

        btw he looks adorable as always 😉

  22. Ebony says:

    kristen looks amazing, the hair, the dress, her shoes..she looks so beautiful, so lovely

  23. Anne^^. says:

    UGH, hey, guys
    serioulsy, TG doesn’t has a chatroom? lolz,
    i think i’m traumatized with chatrooms
    it’s just that i’m always soooo bored when i finish cheking all the twilight news. and i almost all time have nobody to chat with. does anybody wanna chat? lolz, it’d be kinda cool,lol 🙂
    and by the way, i think photo #2 is looks good… not that amazing, but yeah, it passes. lolz, really someone wanna chat? 🙂

  24. I love the 2nd one i know kristen didn’t get a haircut i love her hair though
    RPATTZ is okay in this pic TAYLOR IS mmmmmm….toasty

  25. Hannah says:

    they r so touchy i love it everyone who thinks them dating will ruin the movies is so wrong atleast the feeling is real not staged

  26. Ok,
    Edward is awesome. Rob and K-Stew are totally engaged. Am I just hearing rumors?
    I didn’t read the story because my mom wouldn’t get me the magazine.
    Rob and Kristen are so totally good together. So who’s on Team Edward? I know I am. I’m totally phyced! Are they really engaged?

    • Anne^^. says:

      i have no idea too. i’m also hearing that rumor. and know what?, i didn’t get the magazine because my mom wouldn’t get me it. lolz, i’m freakin out too…
      and i’m TOTALLY TEAM EDWARD! 😀

  27. Anne^^. says:

    @ “mykaela”- i have NO idea, lolz. yep, that sux. anyways,i’m dying to see what it says about rob and k-stew!
    and aw, guys, U R actually breakin’ my heart, lolz. why does nobody wants to chat? i’m really bored. and don’t U wanna chat with other ppl from ur age and that LUV twilight???? 🙂 lolz,please. anyone who wanna chat? 🙂 and..
    @ “aliceann”- thank u for the page of the photos. they’re amazing 😉

  28. Angela says:

    The only thing I heard is that they “hooked up”.

  29. Mickee says:

    This is a super cute picture of them, I love it! In the second pic Taylor is the only one paying attention to the camera and Kristen and Rob looks as though they are sharing a secret. Rob is pulling her on his side. AW! Love Kristen’s dress and new hairdo, she’s so pretty, Rob and Taylor are hot.

  30. 1# Twilight fan says:

    Kristen looks amazing!!!!!!!She looks way better!!Rob doesn’t look that good,but Taylor does!!

  31. team jacob!!!! says:

    kristen looks like a freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. liz says:

    I’m just loving the second pic! Just for a few seconds if they were caught off guard to see the affection between the both of them. The chemistry in both of their smiles, body language, just pure happiness when they are together says it all for me……. that they are definitely together!!! I am so happy for them!!

  33. ~kxcullen~ says:

    notice how in the second one taylor is tryin to get his arm round kristen but she’s already clinging on to rob!!! swoon!!!! rob and kristen have soo much chemistry!! anyone notice the lack of her boyfriend michael?

  34. ~kxcullen~ says:

    right yeh according to my dads girlfriend rob and taylor are a couple and are living together she said she read it in ok magazine i was sorta believing her but then she said they get married in eclipse which wouldnt happen i dont think coz eclipse is long enough let me no if any1 finds any tink out lol x

  35. ~kxcullen~ says:

    taylor looks grumpy in both pictures? why ? oh well for any1 said rob doesnt look gud is mad coz its just his laid back look that he always seems to pull of
    TEAM EDWARD 4EVA!!!!! + ALWAYS!!!!

  36. Siret says:

    they all great, i love Kristens hair, perfect on her

  37. ollie_greektwilighter says:

    they are sooooo dating! there’s no doubt about that! TEAM ROBSTEN- THE SEXIEST COUPLE EVER!

  38. Sarah says:

    aww the y r so cute together

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