Carlisle’s top ten pick up lines

by on September 16, 2009
in Cast & Characters

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Twilighters Anonymous has a new top 10 list. This one is, ” Carlisle’s top ten pick up lines”.

Here is what they list:

10. I’ve learned a lot over the centuries, but I’d give it all up for your smile.

9. You can show me anything, I am a doctor after all.

8. Have you ever wondered what started my scarf collection? Would you like to find out?

7. The name is Cullen. Dr. Carlisle Cullen, but I like to be known as Dr. Love.

6. Do you want to play doctor?

5. These hands are skilled and trained to save lives. Would you like to find out what else they’re good at?

4. I’m a doctor, and yes I do take my lab coat home.

3. You can call me Dr. McSparkly.

2. If you need a love doctor, I have a medical degree.

1. [Holds Stethoscope] Why don’t you listen to your heart and go out with me?


23 Responses
  1. ysatis (: says:

    aww some of them are kinda cheesy
    but cute ;D i<3it!

  2. JoeyDC says:

    Very sweet lines, made me smile a lot 🙂

  3. jess says:

    lol! LOVE 10, 9 + 5 the most but ther all awesome!!! Ooohhh carillse suddenly seeming much more alloring all of a sudden!! tee hee!

  4. Sina says:

    yeaa i love it its sweet…very i want to do all this things i love him (and peter of course too xD)

  5. aliceann says:

    i think 9,7, and 5 are super funnY!

  6. Anne^^. says:

    lol… all of them made me laugh a lot, lolz
    i agree with “ysatis (:” 😀

  7. Callie says:

    lol Those were so cute and funny! I could even picture Carlisle saying the first one to Esme =)

  8. mykaela says:

    haha. these are really funny.

  9. Anne^^. says:

    ooh, 4got 2 say: anyone who wanna chat? lolz, i’m askin this in almost all of the posts. just that i would like to chat with new ppl who luv twilight as i do 🙂 lolz, by the way i luved the lines. #7 is pretty funny!

  10. MS.TAYCOB says:

    if ur still there i would like to chat w u

  11. Arianna says:

    Ha ha ahha haha those are very funny, Very good job my favs are 9, 4 & 2
    But I have to say #8 is hilarious

  12. Ebony says:

    5. These hands are skilled and trained to save lives. Would you like to find out what else they’re good at?
    HELLYEAH lol! 😉

  13. Jannieca says:

    9,8, and 5 are the best! lol! what books are these from? coz i forgot all about Carlisle’s lines already. 🙁

  14. MRS.Lautner says:

    they r chessy but funny!!!!!! 😛

  15. mrs.cullen says:

    that changes my feeling about him!!(creeper)!

  16. CULLENLOVER says:

    These made me laugh. I really liked lines 9, 7, 5, and 3. these are the lines that made me laugh the most.

  17. manda says:

    omg i thought they were so cute.i loved them,some of my fav’s are…
    they were all very,cute.i love this,i hope you guys keep finding more

  18. shaharEB says:

    carlisle is naughty!


  19. Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    some are rally cheesy but they fit him so well

  20. juilana12 says:

    u kindy of boring cuz u r just standing there lonley

  21. bcuz64 says:

    i think i would like to see what those hands could do

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