New Moon Poem

by on September 29, 2009
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This was sent in by our reader Kristen.

Here is what she said about the poem,
“This is a poem I wrote In Bella’s point of view about Jacob, and a little about Edward.”

I really like it, a lot, so that’s why I posted it. Hope you do too!

Him or the Sun

I was in the dark alone
The pain was unbearable
I had no will to live
A lifeless zombie in the shadows

But I found the Sun
He was bright and beautiful
He brought me out of the shadows
Though the hole in my heart never left

He was my best friend and
I loved him, and he loved
Me back, I didn’t deserve his
Love, for my heart wanted another

But it hurt to think about him
Even hear his name, each hit
Deepened the hole in my heart
He realized how it hurt me to hear his name

He wanted to take the pain away
He wanted me to move on
He wanted me to be his
He wanted to be mine

I wanted to be with him too
But I just couldn’t, if I
Did I might forget who I once
Loved, and I couldn’t take that chance

I was still in the dark, alone


34 Responses
  1. Mickee says:

    yay! 1st to comment… I love the poem and yes only edward can cure the hole in her heart.

  2. carmen says:

    It’s very nice the poem, Kind of actually made me cry…just remembering her alone in the woods…

  3. Kristen Robinson says:

    I can’t believe this actually got posted! wow! Thank you Leandra!

  4. Nancy Robinson says:

    Thats my Grandaughter Kristen Robinson, it is the best poem. What heart you have, and I can hardly wait to go to the New Moon preview with you!!!It is going to be great, by the way get this poem copyrighted. Love you bunches, Amma

  5. Bazza says:

    Wow! That is such a pretty poem. There was another poem a while a go. can’t remember if you posted that one. anyway i like to get the poems and turn them into pictures.

    love your poem. it’s beautiful

  6. MrS.TAYCOB says:

    this poem is amazing it like perfectly fits bellas point of view. its very very magnifisent n i luv it

  7. Drishhii says:

    Omigosh! this is probably the best way to describe Bella’s feeling. Love it. =)

  8. KaylaCullen says:

    ohmygosh! that is am AH-MAZING poem! love it!

  9. jemcullen says:

    That is gr8 poem to describe the best way bella is feeling about edward and jacob and her knowing jacob wants her but she only wants edward

  10. Ebony says:

    wow i love it!

  11. ysatis (: says:

    & the picture qoes with it perfectly :]

  12. irene murkin says:

    omg this is amazing poem it perfect and it explains how bella feels and i can only say is wow you are great at writing them xx

  13. Arianna says:

    That was beautiful.
    Kristen, it’s incredible, I think you capture exactly what Bella feels. Really good job girl.

    Ps:Your grandma is so cute.Is she a Twihard too???

  14. shaharEB says:

    wow this is really good and deep..

    the exect right description for new moon:]]

  15. all i care about is twilight says:

    ome/omj this is such an amazing poem and it kinda made me cry. you are an amazing artist and should right more. have you ever thought as author as you carrer

  16. team jacob says:

    LOVE THE POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Courtney says:

    Ok I’m guna feel like a major AHole for this guys but is it just me, but why do all the poems seem like they were written by a middle schooler. Good poetry is just on another level. I’m a huge Twi fan but basing this off actual poetry- i’m just not feelin it. Maybe it’s just me.

  18. TeamEdwardAllDaWay says:

    Oh My God! This is like the best poem I ever heard! I luv it!

  19. aliceann says:

    this is so cute and deep i like wanted to cry…
    such amazing work. 🙂 i rly enjoyed reading it, its so well written and it just keeps you obsorbed in it. LOVE IT!

  20. i love twilight says:

    ommmg this poem is amazinngg it’s so beautifullll 🙂

  21. Viki Cullen says:

    this poem is great !!!

  22. Grace says:

    team jacob first i luv the pic and the poem made me think back 2 when i first read new moon and i really thought of the luv triangle between jacob bella and edward and how bella is unknowingly falling in luv with her best friend jacob and she’s trying so hard not 2 let it go that far so she’s trying not 2 forget about edward and go 4 jacob and it also made me cry a little bit soo heart felt

  23. nikki ann says:

    Awesome poem i L*O*V*E IT 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Myah says:

    OMG I so love it.My English teacher is such a Twilight fan!

  25. TeamEdward101 says:

    Wow! I loved that poem it almost made me cry.

  26. actuallydevon says:

    That was sooooo good I cried like a baby it is sooo true I love jake and edward soooo much u are an amazing poet

  27. WOW wth some editing and just a little that should be a song on new moon

  28. AMERICA says:


  29. AMERICA says:


  30. EDWARD CULLEN says:


  31. twilighter81 says:

    That poem was awesome!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT !!!!!!!!

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