New stills of Billy and Laurent and Jasper

by on September 29, 2009
in Cast & Characters, New Moon Movie

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Share Post has two new stills from the movies. One is of Billy Black and another of Laurent.



Found These two pictures on Twifans. Another of Laurent and one of Jasper.



Putting this one of Bella up too. Think I have seen it before, but not sure so here you go.



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  1. Elli says:

    i think the second one could be a still of the first movie because laurent is not wearing the same clothes in new moon. (& this outfit is def. from twilight)
    i am not sure bout the billy black one that could really be a new moon still.

    but still GREAT ! 😀

    elli xx

    • Leandra says:

      Your right i think the stills are from both movies. The stills seem to be part of the new merchandise from the official Twilight Convention. I need to make a post about that stuff. I’ll do it later today

    • bianca1099 says:

      yea u probably right but the outfir is definitly from twilight

  2. shaharEB says:

    what is up with billy?!


  3. twilight.nerd says:

    I’m pretty sure the one of Jasper is from Twilight also.

  4. Tati says:

    All they look good, but I have to say, Bella is very beautiful.

  5. Team Alice & Jasper says:

    Isn’t that one of jasper from twilight?
    he is one of my favorite characters!!!!:)

  6. Team Alice says:

    I like the Bella one. <3 I wish there were an Alice one. Also the Jasper one is from Twilight 🙂 I have the book where he is in it .

  7. EmmettRocks says:

    aww..theyre awesome.
    i love the JR one tho! cute!
    but the bella one is…weird. has it been computer edited or something because it looks slightly, wrong

  8. Angel Lautner says:

    We twilight fans are getting spoiled!

  9. Anne^^. says:

    whoa. i LUV them! 😀 they’re super cool 🙂

  10. ysatis (: says:

    Twilight or New Moon, i still love them all ;]

  11. all i care about is twilight says:

    love them

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