Twilight Fan Art

by on October 6, 2009
in Fan Art

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Found these on Deviant Art. The artist name is =AuroraInk. Check out all her work on her Deviant Art Page.




13 Responses
  1. TWILIGHT GAL says:

    Wow!!!!! love them

  2. Nath says:

    Whow ! Nice !

  3. Twilight_is_Love says:

    Those are so amazing, the second one looked like the real picture! to much like the real picture, hmmmm……. JK Lol

  4. Twilight1226 says:

    These are AMAZING! Good Job 🙂

  5. Garrett says:

    that is so freakin hot is BELLA’S EYES DATS TOUGH

  6. Arianna says:

    Sorry but there is nothing new here, is like they just change the color of the pic and that’s it… and it make Bella looks awkward… No impressed (No! wait… I don’t like it)

  7. Twifreak says:

    wow they look really good! and cool

  8. Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    Thats talent good job

  9. Angela says:

    Nice use of a Photoshop Watercolor filter

  10. Anne^^. says:

    Ooo, it’s so cwl! 😀 i luv it 😉

  11. mykaela says:

    wow. those are sooo cool. you guys, really? how do you know they used a computer? just ease off, okay?

  12. AussieGirl says:

    Thats what i think. ^^^
    They would work so hard to draw them, and they turned out fantastic!
    People have some serious talent!

  13. these! are awesome! really good!

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