Listen to the entire New Moon Soundtrack now on MySpace

by on October 13, 2009
in Music, New Moon Movie

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The Official Twilight MySpace page now has up a play list that has all the songs from the New Moon Soundtrack up in their entirety.

Now you can here them all before the soundtrack hits stores Friday.

I really liked the song Friends by Band of Skulls.


7 Responses
  1. #1 TWILIGHT FREAK™ says:

    its awsum!!!!!!!

  2. team robert(: says:

    wow well i went to go listen and some i liked like the muse and the killers and the brmc
    (not all like only 30 seconds) song but some not so much :/
    well the majority are like ugh whatever. not as good as i thought it would be
    man :/ oh well new moon is still gunna be awsome(:

  3. team robert(: says:

    Ome!!! i loved the meadow song(: <33333

  4. Siret says:

    Im just listening it, too bad that Muse and The Killers song is only 30 seconds, but songs seem to be really good. Most of them are quite slow tho, but i think thats kinda suites to New Moon.

  5. jt says:

    I haven’t listened to it yet. I’m waiting till it’s released. I have it pre-ordered on iTunes. I like slow songs, it helps counteract all the pop music I listen to ^_^ I love the song Satellite Heart! Its so pretty!

  6. omeeeee!!!!!! this oundtrack is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!! my fav song is friends and i LOVE new moon(the meadow)! its a beautiful masterpiece. i liked all the other songs too but these were my fav. ooooh! done all wrongs really good too:) i just wish they hadnt remixed “i belong to you”. theres too much extra guitar and i know thats wat chris{weitz} wanted but still…i miss the french part haha.the violet hour, shooting the moon, no sound but the wind. really good songs. wow i guess i just love this album. cant wait to buy it fridayy!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. BerryMary says:

    I listened to it earlier and I didn’t like it much. I like the twilight soundtrack better

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