Volturi Poem

by on October 24, 2009
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This Poem was sent in by Siva. It’s all about the Volturi Vampires. Enjoy!!


New Moon Poem

We are but gods in our world
We are the ones that you obey
The ones that you fear
We are the black cloaked ones
From your deepest nightmares
We are the royalty of our world
We are the ones you bow down to
The ones you listen to
We are the black cloaked ones
From your deepest nightmares
We are saints in their world
We are the ones the celebrate
The ones they wear red for
We are the black cloaked ones
From your deepest nightmares
We are the ones who control our world
We are the ones that punish our world
The ones who destroy them
We are the black cloaked ones
From your deepest nightmares
Oh dearest Bella Swan
You are but a human
Who knows not only about us
But too much about us
You have two choices too make
Join us,
Or leave us
The decision is not just yours
But also your precious Cullen’s
I am sure my dear friend Carlisle
Will choose wisely
Oh dearest Bella Swan
I would enjoy human life
While it lasts
We will be back
Don’t forget about it
We can just show up,
At anytime,
La Tua Cantante
What a waste of a life


24 Responses
  1. Nath says:

    Nice poem !

  2. TEAM JACOB!!!! says:


  3. Siva says:


    OH MY GOD!!!!


  4. garfield2287 says:

    I really enjoyed this one. Thank you.
    La tua cantante..I love this quote…

  5. Jasper Hale says:

    The Voulturi are really kind of scary…..

  6. Siva says:

    Thank you guys so much! 😀
    I NEVER thought it would be put up!
    I was bored one day so I worte it on my laptop and e-mailed it in!
    BTW I LOVE this website!

  7. Siva says:

    Oh and btw I’m 13

  8. janeth says:

    wow ur young and have a really kool talent i think its really nice and kool i bet u if u were to do it 4 an assigmetn u would get an A+++++ LOLZ

  9. Ashley says:

    This is one powerful and well typed poem. The words themselves describe the Volturi Coven very well.

  10. Siva says:

    Thnak you guys sooo much! I really NEVER thought that it would end up on the website! And I probs would hand it in to my english teacher, but she kinda BANNED twilight from our english classes! she so annoying!

  11. shaharEB says:

    thw last two lines are so great!

  12. jemcullen says:

    that is rly good and i can see the volturi saying those words well done

  13. ysatis ;] says:

    qood job girl :]

  14. YAMY says:


  15. janeth says:

    its g8 wat r u talkin about!!!!

  16. Siva says:

    thanks guys 😉

  17. ella says:

    ilove cauis so good and many eneme but i like bella and edward

  18. i like this damn twilight movies soooooooooooo awsome

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