SNL Twilight Parody

by on November 8, 2009
in Twilight Movie, Videos

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Saturday Night Live did a Twilight Spoof starring Taylor Swift as Bella, I mean Stella!! It’s so funny!!!
Thanks Bryn and Selina!!!

Patty sent me the video of Taylor Swift on SNL last night and her opening monologue. She mentions Taylor Lautner and it’s pretty funny. I like Taylor, both of them, LOL!!!
Thanks Patty!!!


29 Responses
  1. Arianna says:

    Yeah I saw it last nit since Iā€™m a big fan of SNL is was really hilarious

  2. Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    Lol that was so funny!

  3. crystal_Alice cullen says:

    omg!! it was funny! i just saw it. i recored it and i was ROFLMAO!!!

  4. Rosalie says:

    hahahaha i love this! that was hilarious!!! whooo! i love taylor swift!:) have you seen her new fifteen video!? i love the ending!!!! whooo!:)

  5. this really wasnt funny this makes me mad i hate it when ppl make fun of twilight i hate it so mush i wanna kill who did…

    • Arianna says:

      realx is just i spoof… i think you are the reason ppl make fun of twifans

      • gigi says:

        i agree. i mean im a huge fan of twilight honestly.
        but u gota admit these things r funny n i enjoy them bcuz they’re jus so funny. the spoof itself is. like when they made fun of twilight in dance flick. i was lmao!!!

        just relax. it doesnt make me hate twilight im still a huge fan of it.
        its jus like wen sum1 makes fun of urself cuz of sumthin dumb u did n u might get mad at first but u end up laughin in the end cuz u gota admit, it was pretty funny. even if u hate it wen ppl make fun of u. if wat u did was indeed funny altho stupid, u’d laugh too n be like “omg i know i dont know wat was going thru my head”.

        its like that. thos ppl luv u n e way.

        so jus enjoy these spoofs, they mean no harm. they jus add entertainment.

      • gigi says:

        but n e ways… i 4got to write my own comment =]

        i loved it i sooooooooo did not expect the whole frankenstein thing i thought wen they showed andy samberg that it was gona be taylor n andy doing bella or “stella” n edward but wen she said “no, them” n i was i was cracking up! she’s so funny

        n i loved the song. i loved the “hahaha”
        n the taylor lautner thing it was funny. n kanye i hope he saw this.

  6. Twilight Fanatic says:

    OMG!! taylor swift is hilarious!! she also winks….HAHAHAHAHA

    :’) thats a classic


  7. Patty says:

    hurray, the song is posted šŸ™‚ I’m so happy, thanks Leandra!

  8. Ommgggg! Patty called me this morning to tell me to watch it and it was hilarious and she sent it in and we didnt even think Leandra would post it! Hurray Patty your famous!:)

  9. Twilight Fanatic says:

    that is soooo awesome its funny

  10. Gabi says:

    so does that mean there going out????

  11. mykaela says:

    awww. it wont show up…it says ‘Connection Error! Please select another video.’ oh well.

  12. Krystal says:

    I loved it, Taylor was so funny.

  13. #1 Taylor Lautner Lover says:

    Lol, I mean, I love Taylor Lautner, but as long as he dates someone like I know and I like im okay with that šŸ˜€
    I like Taylor Swift, so thats ok with me šŸ˜€
    (*Thins in head* …hope she doesnt write a song about him… cuz about what she said with the songs and the guys she write about them >:O)

  14. #1 Taylor Lautner Lover says:

    I liked the part where she takes about Kanye West xDDD
    LOL I liked the security guards in the back xD

  15. Slinkiee says:

    Really cute and Taylor has a way with comedy. I like the “Hi Taylor and wink, wink”.

  16. Jazzzz says:

    I love thee song it made me laugh so hard…
    I soooo belive in Taylor squared…!!
    He knows he liked it..!

    • Patty says:

      omigosh, how funny! just today my friend was like, “what if taylor swift and taylor lautner started dating? what would their celebrity couple name be?” and I’m like, “Taylor squared, duh”. somebody else gets it too! yay! hahaha

      • Team Alice says:

        I don’t get it! Enlighten me, please.

        • Patty says:

          Just it’s Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. Two Taylors! But they are so awesome that it’s not just like, Taylor x 2, ya know? It’s gotta be Taylor to the second power. Taylor to the second degree of total awesomeness. Taylor squared! Haha.

  17. shaharEB says:

    taylor is so funny in here im still laughing ..

  18. sammy says:

    lmao!!! that was hilarious!!!! i didn’t know she was so funny!!!!

  19. Bella4eva says:


  20. bella/edward4eva! says:

    i actualy think taylor swift should play bella in breaking dawn (if eva made) cuz she nd kris kinda look da same

  21. OMG!!… i agree with bella/edward4eva! bcuz she do b lOokin like Kris. yeaSz aniiwaiiz its funnni… i like it!!! reallli hilarious!!! x]

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