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by on November 13, 2009
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Fancast has an interview with Kristen Stewart.

Read the entire interview here.

Here is an excerpt:

“I had a really good time on this movie,” Stewart says. “It was really intense, just because of the nature of the story, it goes in a completely different direction. We undermine the first. We establish a very ideological idea of love and basically tell our main character that she was wrong and it’s like, ‘Where’s our story going to be left if Edward’s not there?’ What I really love about New Moon is that you see this girl build herself back up and by the time she makes this sort of rash decision to spend eternity with a vampire, she’s in a position where you actually believe her. You’re like, ‘Okay, you’re old enough, your mature enough to know. You’ve lived life.’ She grows up.


4 Responses
  1. Bella's stupid, Jacob's hot, edward needs a shower. says:

    um.. slow down with the updates.. i can only go so fast!!

  2. emma says:

    why is her hand on her heart??

  3. ………look were her hands are…
    ok anyways thats a cool interview

  4. twibatlover says:

    ya pretty weird pose in my opinion XD

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