Robert, Taylor and Kristen Interview

by on November 13, 2009
in Cast & Characters, Interviews

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PopSugar UK
has a short interview with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart.

This is what they said:

On how Taylor bulked up for New Moon:
“Obviously it required a lot of hours in the gym, but I found the most important part for me was the eating process and it was actually the most difficult. I had to double or triple my calorie intake. It was a matter of eating every two hours. And just disgusting things like meat patties, raw almonds, and sweet potatoes.”
Kristen: “Sweet potatoes were the grossest, in baggies!” [laughs]
Taylor: “It was definitely a lot of hard work, but worth it.”

On how Robert got his hot body for New Moon:
“It’s just natural. [laughs] You get a lot of nipple shots in this film. I was really terrible. I hadn’t worked out at all until I saw Taylor at the beginning of the year. And it was quite good for the movie as well, because I did feel incredibly inadequate. It made me feel a little bit emasculated with my pre-pubescent girl’s body with A-cups!”

On what it’s like to kiss Robert:
“It’s pretty cool.”
Robert: “It’s a-mazing!” [laughs]

Thanks Alice!!!


12 Responses
  1. Patty says:

    “a-mazing!” lol. gotta love Rob!

  2. Anne^^. says:

    gotta luv em! they all are sooo cwl! 😀
    6 FREAKIN DAYS FOR NEW MOON! 😀 😀 😀 😀 lolz 😀 😀 😀

  3. Heather says:

    Kristen looks great in this picture!

  4. Team Alice says:

    LoL! What’s it like to kiss Rob? Kristen: It’s pretty cool. Rob: It’s a-mazing! LOL!

  5. emma says:

    Have u seen the alfit on yahoo they call that alfit bizzar! i hate to say i but i have to agree:(

  6. Arianna says:

    He is so funny! Love Rob.

  7. Jeini says:

    I think we all love Rob!!!!!

  8. mRs.taycob says:

    umm i dont LUV robert but i think hes kinda kool and i do have to admit he is pretty funny cant wait to NEW MOON

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