BBC Radio interview with Kristen Stewart

Thanks Cindy!!!


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  1. Emilia says:

    omg I love Kristen…..I also like her hair I love it<3<3<3

  2. Midnight Shadow says:

    Kristen looks absolutely gorgeous… i just wonder dont they get tired of always answering the same questions about the movie? people should think of a few new ones.

  3. twilighter says:

    fine and good interview. kristen is much more relaxed now in interviews. i think the interviewer is a twilight,- and kstew fan. unlike the other ones i’ve watched before that looked cheesy and just faking it.

  4. jezebelblaisedamenashhellewiseredferncullen says:

    kirstin not allll bad in looookz!!! shes kwl !!!

  5. d for dawn says:

    I think it was the most sincere interview she had. It had such a warm tone. And Kristen looks just amazing! I agree she looks more realxed.

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