Stephenie updates site with answers to Fan Questions

by on November 16, 2009
in Interviews, Stephenie Meyer

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Stephenie Meyer has updated her site with answers to questions submitted by fans from

Read all the questions and answers on Stephenie’s site here.

Here is an excerpt:

After seeing Twilight the movie you mentioned that you wish you had thought of Bella catching a glimpse of Edward watching her sleep and thinking it was only a dream. Are there any new moments in the New Moon movie that you thought…I wish I had thought of that? Miss having you around the fandom, Nicole B. (Cocoa) Crestwood, KY

Hey Cocoa! I miss you guys, too! Hope you’re well!

New Moon stays closer to the novel, so there aren’t a lot of scenes that aren’t closely related to the book. I am a little sad that my action movie—Crosshairs—is so generically titled. I like the name of the action movie they used for the film (they couldn’t use Crosshairs because there is a movie named Crosshairs somewhere out there). It makes me laugh every time Kristen says it.

Also (and I don’t consider this a spoiler because you’ve seen the trailers) there is a bit of a fight sequence in the Volturi tower now that isn’t there in the book. At first, I had some resistance to this idea because in my mythology, if you start a fight with the Volturi, your story ends right there. It would have been kind of a bummer to have Edward, Bella, and Alice slaughtered in Volterra and no happy reunion scene (and no Eclipse or Breaking Dawn). But I worked with Melissa Rosenberg (the screen writer) and Summit until we came up with a solution that made sense with the story but also gave them the visual action they needed. And now that it’s all put together and beautiful, I love it and kind of wish Felix had gotten his moment in the book.


4 Responses
  1. fanpire 16 says:

    now some of u can shut up and stop winning abt ” omg! its not what happened bla bla bla….”

  2. jada says:

    OMG!the whole serries rocks!its the best book ever i just want to say!Edward is soooo cute!same with Jacub…but with short hair!and dont get me started, Alice is soo cute, she seems sooo nice in real life.

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