Nikki Interview

by on November 19, 2009
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J-14 continues their New Moon Countdown with Nikki Reed. She talks beauty.

J-14: Rosalie Cullen is all about beauty — is that a lot of pressure to play?
I feel incredible insecure. I feel embarrassed. At times flattered and at times, I just want to apologize to everybody. You know, I’m really appreciative to have that role, but in order for me to not just like fall apart because of the pressure of playing that character with that description is just sort of unbearable at times.

J-14: Do you try to turn the focus away from her looks?
I just tried to look at her as every other aspect aside from her being the most beautiful. When you have like 30 million people reading a book, everyone’s going to picture in their minds who the most beautiful person in the world is — it’s not me and I know that. But I’m really grateful to all those people that think that I fit that — thank you.


6 Responses
  1. Team Alice says:

    First comment!

  2. Hayden says:

    2nd!! Aww, I love Nikki. Must be hard for her to live up to the character

  3. Twilight_is_Love says:

    Nikki is just a very beutiful girl 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    Awww poor Nikki! She is so pretty perfect Rosalie!

  5. storm says:

    love nikki she’s my fave character

  6. TEAM JACOB!!!! says:

    she kinda looks ugly in that picture 🙁

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