MakingOf Video Interview with Wyck Godfrey Talking New Moon Cliff Diving

by on November 23, 2009
in Cast & Characters, Interviews, New Moon Movie

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8 Responses
  1. dissapointed fan says:

    i was in the theater laughing at this part it was way to cheessy for me it was just bad……….

  2. Ms.Cullen says:

    Okay… So me and my freind saw the movie and we were laughing at the most serious parts, like when Jane Edward Bella Alice Felix And Demiteri were in the elavator we started laughing because of how serious they all looked, so we started saying that they were thinking like ” I hate you and you and you” and” your ans a**hole and so are you. oh s**t!!! Your gunna kill me!!” We could not stop laughing!! And there was this other part, when Bella was cliff diving we just laughed because… well we don’t know people in front of us finally said ” Shut-up! A**holes!” It was too funny!

  3. I liked this film I think the actors did a good job but lots of makeup they had vampires, because they got all red eyes are supposed to Forks is darker I saw it very clear all the background music of these films appeared of cheap fiction, not as background music in the first movie, aside q ridiculous scene where Alice reveals how he sees Bella as a vampire jumping on the field with Edward Little Red Riding Hood-style in the woods, and every step faster and not is coupled to the events the book describes, for my part I like the filming they made to me, the director of twilight tube being who directs the new moon and missing

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