Taylor to host Saturday Night Live

by on November 26, 2009
in Cast & Characters

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The Twilight Saga:New Moon Los Angeles Premier

According to an article at EW, Taylor Lautner will be hosting Saturday Night Live December 12th.

And as an added awesome Bon Jovi will also be there.

OH YEAH!!!!!

Thanks Alice!!!


18 Responses
  1. danielle says:

    oh boy. Ill be watching SNL that night FOR SURE. Taylor is just gorgeous!

  2. Mrs Lautner!! says:

    I’m so excited!!! xD

  3. Arianna says:

    That is awesome, I love SNL but I wish Rob would do it too he is so funny

  4. CULLENLOVER says:

    Awesome!! wonder if he’ll do something like Taylor Swift did. Cant wait!!

  5. Team Jakeward says:

    OMGeezles! I’ll so be watching THIS! Taylor is a god. I just love him to pieces. I know he’ll do great!

  6. Taylorluver says:

    i LUV taylor!!! I think twilight guide should do a biography section 4 each person!!!!! like the actors and the characters

  7. fanpire 16 says:

    how is he going to pull that off? well i have faith in u taylor !!!!! he should be arrested for being so hot

    • Team Alice says:

      But if he was arrested than you wouldn’t be able to see new pictures of him and what person would want the person they think is hot arrested?

  8. elizabeth says:

    Taylor Lautner Is so awesome…….and he’s also super Hott

  9. Anastasia says:

    im already planning on watching his HOT face on the screen lolz!!!

    ~Team Switzerland

  10. whose scared of the big bad wolf? says:

    taylor lautner is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot! who will argue with that?!

  11. Hello Beautiful! Luv u Taylor!!!!! U totally changed my opinions on Jacob!!!!! love u! <3

    • Team Alice says:

      He’s not Jacob though. He’s Taylor Lautner, not Jacob Black. I don’t like when people think he’s Jacob. They can like both of them and Taylor as Jacob but you can’t change which team you’re on just because the actor is sexy/hot.

  12. team jacob hi my name is shantell i am 11 years old and yes, i am a team jacob.
    jacob is so freaken hot cute sexy and all i can think of i have to say
    jacob is a hunk u hunk

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