Twilight Inspired Christmas Trees, Stocking and a Wreath

by on December 6, 2009
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Destiny sent me this Twilight Stocking she made.


Christine sent me this Twilight Saga inspired wreath she made for the holiday season.


Kim sent me a pic of her Twilight inspired tree for Christmas.


Denisse from Puerto Rico sent me her twilight inspired tree.



34 Responses
  1. Susanna C says:

    :O they’re beautiful !
    i want them ! πŸ™‚

  2. Vanessa Cullen says:

    They all look really cool!

  3. Fanpire_mom says:

    I really love the wreath. very cute idea πŸ™‚

    • Fanpire_mom says:

      and the stocking is really cute….I wonder how she got those pictures on the stocking?? are they paper you think? iron ons? I know my daughter would love it for Christmas πŸ™‚

  4. Tricia Cullen says:

    I am sooo jealous! I want one! =(

  5. littlemisstwilight says:

    wow these are really cool! I really like the wreath, i wonder how they made the little twilight books in it…

  6. TwilightBiggesrFanEver says:

    WOW!!! AMAZING…. u can do so much with these twilight things..LOL

  7. jemcullen says:

    wow i love the wreath its really good i wud luv one!

  8. Team Alice says:

    I made a black stocking like that but this one is cool, too.

  9. Lara says:

    Really like the Christmas wreath!

  10. Arianna says:

    Ohhh L I wish I would thought or see any of this earlier… my Christmas decorations is all done. Oh well maybe next year

  11. ysatis XD says:

    these are greatt!:)

  12. Wow!! who eva did that must be dead clever!!

  13. omg, BEAUTIFUL!
    i would totally get one or make one.
    if only my mom would let me and my friends wouldn’t kill me if i did.
    it’s so pertty.
    maybe i will try. a wreath. yeah, i mean a wreath. HARMLESS!!! :))) i would’ve never thought of doing those, these ppl are so creative. i thought i have thought of everything. BRILLIANT!! creative people w/ a talent!

  14. Sasha says:

    The christmas wreath looks very beautiful, i like the twilight ideas for christmas(:

  15. Team Alice says:

    Love the wreath!

  16. robstenlove says:

    omg i put pics of robsten on my tree lol these trees look good

  17. Cabrera Lion says:

    These are all awesome! Really cool Fan Ideas!

  18. Cabrera Lion says:

    These are all awesome Fan Ideas!

  19. mRs.taycob says:

    the pictures are really good i love the stocking. *Leandra* is it ok if i go a little off topic? well umm it has to do with twilight im sorry if im not suppose to but ok, well if anyone goes to FYE i think tats how u spell it but its something like that they sell jacob stockings i didnt see edward ones though and plz non-jacob lovers plz dont critizize me for talking about jacob opk tanx

    LUV mRs.taycob πŸ™‚

    • Team Alice says:

      Oh, that’s really cool! I was thinking of making a Twilight stocking this year (I’m still finishing up on my Twilight tree) but than I thought “How am I going to make one with a stocking that is half as tall as me (I know, huge! LOL) and is all different colours?” My Mom got it for me when I was little and I could it inside it (I can almost fit in it now :D)

  20. Team Alice says:

    How did you make the wreath?

    • Christine H says:

      My husband is an artist so he helped me do a lot of it. He made the miniature books for me and since I couldn’t find the right kind of tulip he hand painted a plain red tulip with fabric paint. I had to special order the chess pieces since I couldn’t find red and white ones specifically. The apples and red ribbon were store bought.

      • Team Alice says:

        Oh, okay. I just noticed that the tulip was real. Nice job! And to your husband, too. Very nice work. Only a great Twilighter could think of that! Amazing! And you guys put a lot of work into it, right? By the way I loved the little books and the tulip and, well, EVERYTHING! Thanks for sending it in :)!

  21. Linda says:

    these are totally sick! nice job people!

  22. Anne^^. says:

    wow! rly great christmas stuff there! i luv the wreath :). great job, i’ll prolly make somethin of christmas about twilight..

  23. littlemisstwilight says:

    can you or he explain how he did the little books please? what are they made of? πŸ™‚

  24. shaharEB says:


  25. Sarah says:

    ok those people r officially obseseed but those r so cool

  26. Team Jacob says:

    Yesturday I got my Christmas tree and I decorated it, when I was done I looked at it and it looked like something was missing, so I went and got my colletable New Moon burger king cards and hung them on my Christmas tree. Now its the most perfect Christmas tree ever.

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