Stephenie is Alive and Well

by on December 9, 2009
in Stephenie Meyer, Videos

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So yesterday the rumor mill was stirring up saying Stephenie Meyer was dead, well she’s not.

Her site was updated with the following message:

Hey everybody. I just received a call from Stephenie and she wanted me to let everyone know that, contrary to some rumors that have recently started circulating, she is alive and well.

Have a great day.

Rumors, rumors, rumors!!! Do people have nothing better to do.

Kaleb, The Twilight Guy, made a little music video about the subject!!!


31 Responses
  1. leanne says:

    first comment

  2. leanne says:

    omg who would start a rumor like that and about stephenie as well
    i bet it was a twihater the have no respect 4 her
    if it werent 4 her we would not have twilight
    think about it a world without twilight it pain me 2 think it

    • nikki ann says:

      omg I totally agree with u the person that started this
      has nothing else better to do with there time…..TWILIGHT HATER!!!! πŸ™
      a world with out twilight is 2 painful 2 think about…lucky we do not have 2

  3. Tina says:

    where do people come up with stupid stuff like that?

  4. Team Alice says:

    I can’t belive people thought she was dead.

  5. TwilightsBiggestFanEver says:

    Ahh…. RUMORS!!! Can’t believe it…

  6. Team Alice & Jasper says:

    why would anyone start a rumor like that????
    aome people suprise me…
    thank goodness she is alive and well!!!!!!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Ms.Cullen says:

    LOL!!! luv tht!!! It soooooooo fnny!!! Fave song!!!!

  8. I Love Neal Caffrey says:

    Wow…how stupid.

  9. Arianna says:

    wowi didn’t know that… good she is fine, but of course she is. Just stupid rumors

  10. mykaela says:

    wow. i really cant stand people who do this. at least its not a rumor soooo bad, that everybody thought it was true, and it ended up on the news…that wouldve given me a heart attack.

    • Team Alice & Jasper says:

      i know!!!!! if that would have ended up on the news i would have had a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!
      thank god shes ok though!!!!!!!!

  11. Vanessa Cullen says:

    Who would make something up like that? Team Alice & Jasper is right, if she was really dead, it would have been in the news all over the world, but thank god she’s not

    Nice vid by the way

  12. Team Alice says:

    I love you Stephenie! Don’t die D:

    • Anne^^. says:

      haha, i know… ppl are gonna DIE (metaphorically speaking) when steph dies (hopefully, that will happen NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!).. yeah,let’s not think about that!. haha, um..have a nice day! πŸ™‚

    YEW 2O0!

  14. Alys says:

    wow…. it bothers me that people said Stephenie was dead too…. but this video is kind of stupid….

  15. Alys says:

    i think the guy who made this is gay

  16. Jackie!!! :) says:

    I can’t believe how ppl come with really stupid stuff. Next thing we hear is that rob is dead omg it’s so stupid I can’t even stand it!
    haha agree with u Alys…

  17. Ariel says:

    Twilght, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn rule so if you haven’t seen or read the movies and books you really should. The books rock and are alot better than the movies!!!!!
    Rock on Twilight fans!!!!!

  18. Ariel says:

    Whoever doesn’t like twilight shouldn’t even go on this website if they have nothing nice to say. OMG people get a life and leave the people who love/like twilght alone and stop wasteing your time on it.

  19. Angela says:

    It might also have been an attempted to get people to go online to spiked Website, this is done regularly with the Malware crew, dont visit links that you haven’t been to before, go to the source IE her website.

  20. EmmettRocks says:

    omg, what a random rumour to spread – so horrible aswell. what kinda of freak would say something like that???

  21. Emilia says:

    OMG this guy is having a BIG problem…..No a fans if yo know him:D……

  22. Emilia says:


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