New Moon Inspired Poem

by on December 12, 2009
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Here is a New Moon Inspired Poem sent in by one of our readers, Selina!
Enjoy! It is really good!!
The Graphic is by reader Margi!!!


New Moon

I’m being ripped apart
My world is falling down
He left me
Because he was not happy
So now my heart is broken
The days pass by
Without seeing you
I wallow in pain
They see it in my eyes
I need him back
Before I die
But then something happened
I didn’t hurt as much
This boy from La Push
Is helping stitch me up
The months pass by
And I’m halfway heeled
But there will always be a hole
In what he didn’t want
But what’s this?
Alice is here!
I cry with cheer
That a Cullen is here
But something is wrong, I can see it in her eyes
Rosalie said something and Edward is going to die
Alice said there is not much time
I must make a dicition before the time dies
We rush to the airport
To save my true love
But what will happen
When the clock strucks twelve?
I rush through a crowd
In Volterra
The sun is high
Edward might die
I see him in the dark
Looking lifeless as I,
I tumble into him
And he says “Heaven”
I try to push him back
Into the dark
But then we see
Two men in black
Edward holds me tight to his back
A little girl comes
To lead us down under
It is cold and wet
But that doesn’t matter
I’m with him, Edward
For now but not forever
What will happen
When we get back
I saved his life
But he won’t want me back
The hole will get bigger
And time will pass
But I’ll always love him
When time passes
We’re on a plane
I saved him!
Now we’ll let fate dicide
Wheather or not
Our lives will be tied
But he stays
And asks for forgiveness
But is this a dream
Or is this real
He takes my hands
And kisses my forehead
I have an idea!
And we’re runnng in the forest
The Cullens vote for my immortality
Edward says no
Esme says yes
Rosalie says no
But wait
Let me explain
I would not have chosen this life for me
I’ll give you a chance
To have pure glee
Jasper says yes
Emmett says “Hell, yeah!”
And Carlisle has the diciding vote
He votes yes
I thank them for their time
And say “let’s take it out back”
Edward says “NO!”
With a protective stance
Carlisle says “after gradulation”
And Edward agrees
He takes me home
For maybe
The rest of eternity.


37 Responses
  1. carmen says:

    I thought it was cute!!! First again!!!

  2. Team Jake & Edward says:

    thats a really good poem it basically sums up the whole ‘New Moon’ book in that poem, very gud i like it!! lol

  3. Team Jake & Edward says:


  4. Team Alice says:

    OmE, thank you, Leandra, for putting up my poem!

  5. Cydzz... says:


    It’s like reading the book again but in shortcut

    But I hope you’ll finish it till the end like ” I don’t know this feeling I felt like I miss. Jacob black when will you come back?””


    Keep up the good work guyz!

  6. Team Alice says:

    By the way sorry about the spelling errors! I was tired when I got back, just pretend they aren’t there, thanks!

  7. I Love Neal Caffrey says:

    Great job! I can’t write poems. I do write twilight fan fictions though..

  8. Mariah!!! says:

    That was a great poem I liked it!

  9. I Love Neal Caffrey says:

    My pen name on fanfic is LeftRightLeftRightLeft42. I posted a new story today. It’s a work in progress. πŸ™‚

  10. Faith Winkelmann says:

    I wrote one about Eclipse. What is the email to

  11. I Love Neal Caffrey says:

    That’s unfortunate ^^

  12. I Love Neal Caffrey says:

    That they didn’t post your stuff.

  13. I Love Neal Caffrey says:

    Hmm…too bad. Great poem by the way..I can’t write poems even if I try. I write twilight fanfics…

  14. Hi there. says:

    The rhyming scheme is off. Some parts it’s every other line, some parts it’s every line, some parts I have no idea if you were trying to make it rhyme or if you just gave up. There is also no descriptive language or imagery. It’s so bland to read–you basically just summarized the book and then put it into poem form.

    Pretty much you just really need to read some more poetry before you write anymore of it. Seriously.

  15. edwardcullenluvr97 says:

    I luv that its sooo good ! It makes mewant to read New Moon again !!!!!!! Watch Im probibly gonna read it in a couple days ! πŸ™‚

  16. I Love Neal Caffrey says:

    Yeah GO you guys!! ^^ πŸ˜€

  17. Sarah says:

    it was good

  18. Autumn says:

    I like it. It sums up the movie really good.

  19. You wrote that?!?! It’s amazing and I truly mean that. it summariZes the movie really good. You should write some for all the twilight saga books because you do it so well.

  20. If I write something like that where do I send it??! oh and Happy New Year!!!

  21. yna jessica maniquis says:

    bella’s poem for jacob.

    i’m sorry if i decieve you many times.
    i’m sorry if i commit many crimes.
    i just wanted them to see,
    what is just inside of me.

    jacob, you know that this is what i wanted
    and my lies, still it’s going to stand.
    i wanted to rip out edward’s heart.
    for him to know whats inside that tores me apart.

    i can take a millions of it silently.
    and i’ll take it whole heartedly.
    even if i wanted to see edward’s face,
    i tried not to come back to that place.

    things turned out not that right,
    still i want him to be by side.
    but i know edward is a corpse ‘coz he does’nt feel it.
    but like a star i cant reach edward.

    edward and me will never be as one.
    ‘coz i’m still here left undone.
    jacob, your still by my side ’till never.
    and i shall treasure you forever.

    jacob, you’ve taken so much heartache.
    but i’m here, still giving you headache.
    but my heartaches too.
    and you cared for me, that’s true.

    still i dont know how to end it.
    because i’m still bound by it.
    worse things worse, edward and me,
    still the scattered parts of me.

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